Sunday, March 29, 2009

Save money on washing machine

Many people seem to be searching for more energy efficient washing machines and dryers recently. This is no doubt due to the increasing energy bills that people are receiving. With the bills steadily rising, people are forced to find new and different ways of reducing their energy bills. One of the methods that people has found very good at helping to reduce their bills is if they use energy efficient kitchen appliances. At a time when everyone is trying to cutback on their expenses during these financially stressful times, opting for energy efficient tumble dryers and washing machines is one of the best ways of cutting down on costs. In an attempt to meet the demand from customers who want energy efficient units, the market is now full of too many brands and too many models of tumble dryers and washer dryers. This may seem like a good thing as customers have a wide range of machines to choose from, however, this tends to have the opposite effect and consumers become confused as each model is claiming to be the best for the job and every brand is saying that it’s the best brand and the one to trust. For the many companies and models to try and stand out from each other, the different brands get features added to them and the cost then varies greatly from model to model. There is a solution for confused customers however and that is to compare the features as well as the costs of the items via an online comparison site. These is due to the fact that, although the cost is very important, especially in times of financial difficulty, the machine needs to work efficiently and have all the features you need, otherwise, you could be heading out sooner than you think for another machine and therefore spend well over what you wanted to. In order to get the most out of comparison shopping the customer must remember to take into account the features as well as the price of the unit. For those who are looking for certain kitchen appliances, comparing a few is essential in order to ensure that you are getting the product that does everything you want it to do.

Reduced your spending

Because of a global economic crisis happen many people are worried about her/his job because so many companies and establishments are deciding to lay-off their employee’s. Are you the one that worried about your job, will you ever make more money? Are you making enough now? Are you probably not making enough for how much you spend every month? Keep spending and you’ll really be living in your poor house. My advice is do your best to cut your spending, try to reduce your spending until every bills in your life is caught up on, paid for and all interest eating debt is paid off in full. Purchase in cash or low fixed interest rate loans. You wouldn’t need to take out a loan in the first place to cover bills if you had reduced your spending years ago.
Apply for a no fax cash advance loan is quick and easy, simply fill out application with the most up to date information about your self, your current work situation or source of income and also you bank account. Once you approved, your funds are typically deposited into your bank checking account by the next business day. Be sure to watch your budget or to remind your self prior to your payment due date.

Power of credit cards

For everyone owning a credit card provides many advantages. When it used properly credit card allows you to live the lifestyle you want and gives you the advance of convenience and security. You can make a big purchase without bringing cash; you can pay for it over easy on the pocket installment at no interest. You can use your credit card to pay for the items you want to buy online.

There are many type of credit cards like; travel card, you can bring it to your travel, even you have no traveler’s check or enough cold cash at your credit card you can cover it all your whole travel expense. Having a credit card also is a big advantage because you can borrow money for a short term needs. And best of all you are safety net if you ever find your self in emergency situation that required a large amount.

Almost everyone with enough earning capacity can apply and avail a credit card. Applying a credit card is depending on your lifestyle, you can choose any type of credit cards offers on your bank credit cards. And if you are a credit card holder my advice is pay on time, because if you don’t pay on time, you may find your self in a hot water at receiving end of demand for payment from collection service providers.

Friday, March 27, 2009

First Job

Finding your first job can be a special experience in ways more than one. Being the first job, it is bound to make you anxious and you might have a lot of apprehensions on how to go about it. The moment you step out of college and start looking for the job, there is a lot of non-clarity on what future has in store for you. You would naturally be worried for various reasons. And you are not alone. All fresher’s like you just feel the same and go through the same phase. There is an anxiety related to the beginning of your career and also how it will shape in future.

Firstly, finding the right first job is important. Your approach to job hunting is very important here. All fresher’s who come out of college are just armed with a degree and nothing else. They have no prior experience to bank on so it is just their personality traits and their personal ability of presenting their capabilities that can ensure them a good job. They have to convince the employer that they are the right fit for the job and land the job. Also, some candidates feel that finding the first job will always be an intimidating and frustrating experience. This is not necessarily true. It is in your hands how you go about it that will define the experience of your first job hunt.

While looking for freshers job, you need to get a feel of the real world outside your college. So, step out and opt for an internship in the industry of your choice. Take up the internship even just to get the first hand knowledge of that industry.

You can also go for a part-time job or a voluntary job service. This will shine beautifully on your CV and will impress the employer during the job interview. Once you get first-hand experience of the real work-world, you will also be better prepared on what to expect. Also, it is a known fact that networking and knowing people in the professional world always comes handy when looking for a job. It is easier to get job offers through your network. And while you are looking for the job and applying at companies, be prepared with your best resume. Get it whetted by some experienced people and seek their suggestions on making improvements. Meanwhile, keep working on your skills. Develop good oral and written communication skills and if you are not computer-literate, be sure to take up training in computer literacy.

With all this preparation, when you have applied for the job, and you get an interview call, the real work begins then. All your preparation so far will come to a naught if you are not able to sell yourself well. Since it is a job for fresher and the interviewer knows that you are a fresher so he will not expect you to know the nuances of the job well but he will look for other personality traits in you that can ensure whether you will be good at the job in future or not. Although, there is no fool-proof way to judge it yet there are some general benchmarks that an employer goes by.

First and foremost, your body language when you meet the interviewer is the key to starting the interview on a good note. That you will be nervous is natural but don’t let nervousness over-power you in a way that you are unable to put your best foot forward. Control your nervousness and present a confident front. Greet the employer with a smile on your face and let him know how suitable you are for the job vacancy. Relate your experiences from school and college time that you feel can duly exhibit your confidence, leadership qualities and other positive traits. It is needless to say that you should have done your research about the industry and the company well in advance to be well-prepared. Exhibit this knowledge in a gentle manner. Let the interviewer know that you know what the job entails. Most questions would be asked from your resume only. So, be thorough with your resume and support each point with an example from your past life. Do not lie on the resume as your interviewer will be able to make it out easily and it will only leave a bad impression on him.

Once the interview is done with his questions, ask your questions and clear your queries about the job profile and the company. Ask intelligent questions only as this will display your genuine inquisitiveness about the role job. After the interview, thank the interviewer personally or send him a written Thank You note. Following all these tips, you can rely on your skills to get into your first job. If your preparation is done well and you have a strong will, landing your first job is for sure.

Geetika Jain writes on behalf of, a leading portal for jobs for freshers. is a recruitment platform and provides services to the corporate world, placement agencies and fresher job seekers in India and overseas. It offers a bouquet of products like Resume Database Access, and Response Management tools and its services include Job Postings, and branding solutions on the site.

Natural Diet Supplement

Controlling your weight at any age never to late, as well as all things achieving your deal weight is not impossible if you have enough determination, you have to willing to sacrifice and compromise, I mean you cannot stop totally but well try to come up with a compromise.

Having a goal definitely helps but it should be carefully analyzed. If you focus on short-term goals, weight loss can be achieved, but maintaining it is in other questions. Chances are you’ll gain it but, but in a long term, such as there’s someone in your family was diabetes and you don’t want to have it, definitely you have better chances of surviving a program that will change your lifestyle.

It’s never too late. No matter what age you are now, there’s a way to find the natural diet and exercise program that you will be able to sick to. Forget the fad diets; you’re bound to go back to your old ways after you get the desired results. Taking the natural supplements is another alternative diet, like Intramax, Lithium Orotate and Poly MVA all this are available in website. The most important things are that your natural diet is made to fit your lifestyle. Only then, well it works.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Never Gone Out Of Fashion

Animal print has never and, arguably, will never go out of fashion simply because it reminds us of a time when, as hunter-gatherers, we would envelop and adorn ourselves in the warmth and wonder of genuine exotic skins.

Fashion has embraced this deep-seated connection with animal print and clothes and accessories remain crafted from these beautiful skins into such art pieces as ostrich handbags, crocodile belts and snakeskin purses to this day.

Animal print as a status symbol
Animal print has also long been regarded as a status symbol and, in traditional societies, as one ascended in social standing, more and more expensive exotic pelts and furs were added to their haute couture.

Even today, an African man with royal blood will have leopard skin somewhere on his person, be it a trendy hat or the more traditional loincloth.

Perhaps because of its strong link to Zulu kings, leopard print in particular is back in the limelight with everyone from Katie Holmes to Catherine Deneuve cladding themselves from head to toe in faux leopard.

Internationally acclaimed designers like Betsey Johnson, Roberto Cavalli and Prada have been the biggest supporters of animal print and have consistently included it in their collections over the years.

Pattern synergy
It is also the remarkable synergy of the patterns on genuine zebra skins, for instance, that make animal print so enduringly popular and glamorous. And these pelts aren’t only used in their traditional appearance.

More and trendier stores are catering for the alternative in society, offering animal print clothes and accessories that have been dyed bright pinks, greens, blues and oranges, adding versatility to an already exciting combination of patterns and colors.

Even couches, ottomans and other furniture look particularly impressive in animal print and, if history is anything to go by, animal print will join the irrepressible in our society and never, ever go out of fashion.

The Safari Club specializes in exotic skin goods, ranging from fur, crocodile & ostrich handbags, wallets and belts to zebra skins, leather luggage and home accessories like Ottomans, antique chairs, sofas and frames.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

factoring can help Sustain a new Business

Do you know the three reasons why a small business never gets off the ground? 1) Lack of funds, 2) Fear of failing, and 3) Limited ideas. But foremost, most new businesses just cannot keep going due to lacking the money to stay afloat during the start up phase.

With so many people out of work, many are seeking new start up business ideas. But with the excitement and anticipation of starting something new, there are also many concerns.

It is not just about working hard. One key ingredient is to ask yourself if you are passionate about the idea. It is proven that people who like their work, are more successful. Next, you must determine if there is really a demand for your new product or service. Doing research is critical. Take a look at your competition. Ask questions of others in this business, and do your homework and research, before you invest in the idea. Think about how much money you will really need to start up, then double that, or more. How will you market this new endeavor? How will it be different from others like it? How much money will you need to survive personally, and how much will be needed for the business to survive?

In reality, you need a business plan with a scope of operations, and a budget for how much it will cost. Short term planning is critical, but you may also want to think about three years out.

It can be challenging to pay all the bills on time. And you won't always get the money in on time either!

Accounts receivable factoring can be a huge benefit to small businesses. Single invoice factoring is one of the newer solutions tat provides short-term working capital to growing businesses.

Here's how it works. Because many businesses do not get paid right away for delivered products and or services, factoring will allow some wiggle room. Every business needs some cash on hand in order to sustain and grow. So what happens if you do not get paid for a few months by one client and you do not have time to seek alternative financing through banks or venture capitalists?

Factoring can be the answer to your troubles because it is an extremely fast way to turn your receivables into cash. In an ordinary scenario you might have to wait 30, 60, or sometimes even 90 days for invoices to be paid. But factoring companies look at your customers' credit (not yours) and can pay you the majority of what's owed to you fast. Sometimes even in less than 24 hours.

Invoice factoring will allow your new company to do more business, keep up with supplies, manufacturing costs and payroll, and continue to do more business and stay afloat.

To find out more about how invoice factoring can help your new business, simply search online for invoice factoring.

Kristin Gabriel writes for The Interface Financial Group (IFG), North America's largest alternative funding source for small business. The company provides short-term financial services such as accounts receivable factoring to clients in more than 30 industries. IFG offers expertise in accounting, finance, law, marketing and banking. Go to to learn more about invoice factoring.

Getting Old

I don’t want to grow old. Having to grow old doesn’t sound appealing especially the part that physically you can not be able to do the things that you used to do. That really sucks. It is hard to accept that growing old fact of life for me but I have no choice but to really accept it and at the very least be prepared for it.

What really drives me nuts just thinking about it is when you are already old and gray nobody seems to want to take care of you? How ironic this life can be. People love to take care of the babies but nobody wants to take care of the old folks. Just from that aspect alone it really scares me. This is why I want to be prepared when I get old. And how am I going to do that? I have to grow old rich.

Money can do wonders. For instance, I can buy myself a medical alarm so that there is no reason not to guard me twenty four hours a day. It’s a good invention in my opinion and the fact that the maker of this thing address the inescapable fact is smart. Check out also other products like Fall Detection and GPS Tracking Wander Alert.

So that’s it! I want to grow old rich.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

You want Money?

Making money has never been easier. You don't have to be born rich to get rich in this day and age. And you don't have to get lucky, either. You can't spend years waiting and hoping to win the lottery. You just have to know how.

The fact is, everybody wants to get rich. Even the most unselfish of people wouldn't mind a few thousand dollars to donate to their favorite charity. Or even to just be able to take their families to a fancy dinner once a month. Money, as they say sometimes, makes the world go 'round.

So, how do I propose you do it? Let me tell you in the simplest of terms. It is a fact that 90% of the world's most recent millionaires made their fortunes on the Internet. Many online companies are competing to offer you the chance to work at home and make as much money as you strive for. All you need is the will and dedication. This will work for you if you want it to.

How do these companies work? Most of them specialize in online marketing, finding products to promote and actually getting them out there to the public. The better the companies that teach you are, the more thorough are their teaching methods. The best part is, you don't have to have any background in business, marketing or computers to make it. It's very basic and uses the most important of resources- common sense!

You have to ask yourself a few questions before you look into a program like this. Do you want the freedom to control your own working hours? Do you want to cut back the hours that you work every day?
Would you like to spend more time with your family? Do you feel you never have enough money to do and buy what you want? Are you really serious about this, do you have the discipline to be your own boss? If you answered yes to any of these questions then this might be right for you. If you answered no to all of them, then maybe the good ol' fashioned way is the best for you.

What do you have to give in return? Of course, all programs have a fee, otherwise they wouldn't be offered. I guess it's true that you have to spend money to make money. I have reviewed some of these companies and have come to the conclusion that the best ones are the ones that offer a money back guarantee in the shortest amount of time.

The only program I found that seemed to "have it all" was this one below. For under $100 you could get started with enough know-how to have the potential to make it big. It wasn't confusing and took only about 4 hours of learning to get started. I was able to make back my start-up cost within 3 days, which took only 2 hrs of actual work on top of the learning time!

After doing this review, I have to say I'm completely hooked on this program. I highly recommend to everyone to try it, as it is completely risk-free. Just click on the link below and you will see what I'm talking about. I guarantee it personally, you will not be disappointed. You don't want to go through the rest of your life wondering "what if?"

Power of Money

Money, money, money. MON-EY. You know it's on your mind. It's on all of our minds. With a recession knocking on America's door, all of us fear our job security, our stocks, and our financial well being.

Luckily, there are always ways to make money. In a tough economy, these ways still exist; you just have to get creative to find a business that suites your needs. Now, this doesn't mean you should "creatively" rob a bank, instead try the following options:

Sell What You Don't Use: There are people all over the US who make a living selling things on Craigslist or Ebay. Either they are lucky enough to have priceless antiques from childhood (such as unopened Star Wars figurines) or they have a knack for finding things at garage sales and swap meets that they can sell for profit. Even if you don't want to spend a lot of time selling items - if you refuse to scour every flea market in your hometown - there's a good chance you have something lying around your house you could do without. If you don't need that extra TV or haven't used your mountain bike in five years, sell it.

Pick up Contract Work: A bad economy usually doesn't bode well for the workforce, unless you are a contractor. During these trying times, many companies choose to hire contractors - freelance writers, freelance computer programmers, - in lieu of full time workers because it saves them money. Instead of having to pay for full time employees for forty hours a week plus benefits, companies can hire a contractor only for what they need, even if it's 60 minutes a month. If you have a degree or expertise in an area where contract work is offered, try picking up some extra work. More often than not, the work pays well and can be done right from your home.

Use Your Hobby: Many of us have hobbies. While certain hobbies make it impossible to make money (shopping, for instance, is usually not a profitable past time), other hobbies may allow you to supplement your income. If sewing or painting murals is a hobby of yours, try integrating it into a side business. Start with friends and neighbors. You probably won't hit it rich, but you'll make a few bucks doing something you love.

Try a Business Program: The Internet is booming with business opportunities. Some of these are scams (ahem, Pyramid schemes), but others are legit ways of making money. Internet Leveraging and Marketing, offers an incredible opportunity for people to make money using the Internet. This program offers all of its websites and training in both English and Spanish so it is appealing to a larger number of people. They also offers multiple streams of income for members, members are able to resell ILM memberships only and make a strong six-figure income, or they can further increase their online presence by marketing any of the additional products and services offered. They also offer members their proprietary system of Intelligent Phase Marketing that allows members to partake in multiple top online income opportunities without having to join multiple programs. ILM is being heralded as the easiest way to profit online by many marketing gurus. They just offer people more and that's what people want.

Simply check out all your options, and see where they lead you. You may find something you can do right from home to cut costs like commuting, daycare & lunches etc. Always remember to do your homework when looking into any business or program.


I noticed that a lot of people have been prone to different kind of illnesses nowadays. I guess it is because of rampant pollution. I envy the older generation for having a much cleaner earth.

Another thing that may cause health deterioration on my opinion is the kind of food we eat today. We tend to consume more junk foods and never get the proper nutrition we need. This leads us of getting prone to illnesses.

I think what we should do to about this is to get back to basics. We should start eating more vegetables. Eat more organic foods. But I know we can not force ourselves to change our diet drastically. This is food supplements will take charge. It can help you get the nutrition you need without really changing your diet.

There are a lot of food supplements available in the market and one of those is Herbalife from Herbalife International. If you want to try it you can easily contact a Herbalife Distributor. Or better consult a physician or nutritionist if you want a professional opinion on what supplement you can take.

Proud Aunt again...........

Yes! Finally another angel (Princess Joy L. Jordas) will be added to our big family. I was thrilled when my sister told me that she is 7 month pregnant for their 5th child. Well, speaking of having a child TC and I are planning to have a child on my own LOL because I’m still single. But we are still unprepared this time since we encountered an economic recession and we still enjoy my company so hopefully we are conceived soon. Well I want to make it for special announcement to the world that I am proud Aunt.

Way to get started now

Here’s an action plan to get you pumping.

>Exercise is very important in our lives no matter what our age. It is said that older adults (60 years and above) with active lifestyles are often as healthy as less active people aged 15 years younger. Indeed, inactivity is just as harmful to your health as smoking.

>Once you become more active, you’ll find that you have more energy. You’ll fell less stressed and sleep better. Plus, you’ll have better control of your weight, blood pressure and cholesterol. There’ll be a spring on your steps and you’ll be more self confident. What more encouragement do you need?

START NOW! It’s never too late to start. Don’t get bogged down into thinking that it’s too late for you to start. There are no rules or age limits to working out. The important thing is to start today. Don’t keep making excuses about being too busy, too old or too out of shape. Everyone, including people with physical limitations and chronic conditions, can benefit from working out.

Choose activities that you enjoy – you’ll be surprised at how quickly time goes by. Before you know it, you might never have tried doing the activity you enjoy. So if you enjoy dancing, enroll in dance studio close to where you live. If you like walking, then make time for it. Variety is the key to finding your one true exercise. Try different activities you enjoy until you find the ones that suit you. Along the way, you’ll meet new friends and together establish a routine.

Fine the most convenient time to work out – exercise at times that suit you, otherwise it will feel like a chore. Your aim should be to fit physical activity into you everyday schedule. For beginners, it might be advisable to work out in the late afternoons or in the evenings when your body is more flexible as it has gotten used to activity.

Start out slowly – don’t jump into a demanding workout right away. Slow and sure is the technique to staying in a workout plan. As you become more used to the activity, you can increase the intensity of the exercise. Starting slowly will help you develop a routine without feeling daunted.

Find a workout buddy – nothing can be more encouraging than having someone to work out with. It may be your spouse, sibling or best friends. Whoever you choose, the motivation to work out regularly has a better rate of success than exercising by your lonesome.

Set your goals – set a simple goal for your self, such as walking three times a week, golf once a week, or using the stairs instead of the elevator. Gradually set new goals as you improve.

Go to a gym – still clueless on how to get started? Go to the experts. Try enrolling at a reputable fitness center. Seek that help of a fitness professional who can lead you through the stages of sticking to an exercise plan slowly and safely.

Slim down faster

Whole grain cereal - complex carbohydrates in the morning are an easy way to refuel your body and pump and prime your metabolic rate. Low fat dairy - pack with protein, in helps build muscles and banish flab. Coffee - caffeine is a stimulant which can help speed up your calorie burning furnace. Lean meats - they are rich in protein which take more energy to digest that crabs or fats. Protein keeps you feeling satisfied too. Green Tea - its caffeine and catechins (plant nutrient) my help rev your metabolic rate by up to 3.5%; sip 32 ounces a day. Nuts - thanks to their fiber and protein a handful at snack time keeps your body's engine humming. Tofu - a good source of leucine, this diet friendly protein helps you stay trim.

Start Now!

Fitness and exercise is very important in our lives no matter what our age. It is said that older adults (60 years and above) with healthy lifestyles are often as healthy as less active people aged 15 years younger. Indeed, inactivity is just as harmful to your health as smoking.

Start now! It’s never too late to start. Don’t bogged down into thinking that it’s too late for you to start. Choose activities that you enjoy – you’ll be surprised at how quickly time goes by. Before you know it, you might never have tired doing the activity you enjoy. So if you like your bodies fit and you want your body stay healthy try to visit and buy their products. They offer all kind of exercise machines and accessories; if you want your body become fit try to use ellipticals-machines and agile-dmt, if you want your body become sexy like a model try exercise bikes, and treadmills, prices are affordable.

Variety is the key to finding your one true exercise. Try different activities you enjoy until you find the ones that suit you. Fine the most convenient time to work out exercise at times that suit you, otherwise it will feel like a chore. Your aim should be to fit physical activity into you everyday schedule.

Online Store

Thanks to the wonders of the internet, people all over the world have been buying and selling random items online. Online selling takes more patience. You need to post visually appealing photos, type in the nitty-gritty and check for daily updates, queries and bids. The great thing about online selling is that you can do it anytime and anywhere, as long as you have internet access.

You can do searching during your lunch and coffee breaks at night or on weekends all while keeping your day job or attending school. One of the best website to sell your stuff is the trusted ones – This site offer a lot of stuff not only for the health and beauty products but also in Appliances like Kitchen Appliances, Dinnerware, Flatware, Hand Mixers, Stand Mixers, Food Processors and many more. Only have to do is to click search to find what kind of products you want to view and also the price.

If you are buying items online make sure you’ve read all the rules and regulations, as well as tips for sellers. Get advice from friends who’ve sold stuff online. Online selling is easy, but can also be a dangerous place to get scammed; so be smart and do enough research before getting into electronic business.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


BELLY DANCING – feel the music bear in mind the elements of your body – head, shoulders, elbows, hands, hips, rib, tummy, legs and feet – use them all while dancing. Pace yourself – divide your time into doing warm up stretches, reviewing moves and doing some freestyle dancing. Work on three to four new movements and incorporate them into your dance. Cool down with some more stretches.

RUBBER EXERCISE – several workouts that you can do at home using a long length of rubber or tubing. Exercise the lower body – knot the ends of the rubber to make a loop then wrap it around and above your knees in the beginning. Gradually lower the rubber as you get used to the resistance. Work inner thighs, swing legs towards the center instead. Do hip extensions by extending the legs backwards to work the buttocks. Work you upper body – lengthen the rubber and hook it beneath your feet. Pull it with your hands using the back muscles. For the chest, put the rubber around your torso and pull towards the front. To work the shoulders do side raises by stepping on the rubber and pulling it sideways. For the arms, do bicep curls while you keep the rubber flat under your feet.

Get more for less

BOXING – learn the right stance. To perform the punches and footwork safely and effectively, it is important to get a balanced stance. This is the key to executing all boxing moves correctly. Plant feet comfortably apart. Put your weight on the balls of your feet. Each foot should have the same amount of weight and you should be able to move with ease. Bend your knees a little. Stand somewhat sideways against your opponent. Align your front foot, hip and shoulders to take full advantage of your reach and lessen the target area. Position the left hand such that the top of your fist is parallel to the top of your shoulders. Elbow should be slightly extended but still in place to defend your body. Put right fist near your chin with elbows close to the ribs and at right angles to the floor. Relax neck and shoulders. Take precautions – do warm ups and stretching. Wear the proper attire and gear. Do your boxing on soft surfaces.

JUMPING ROPE – stretch before you jump. Perform knee pulls and side bends roll shoulders, do head and neck circles, rotate wrists and stretch upwards to warm up. Then begin by keeping your feet together. Relax your knees and bounce lightly on the balls of your feet. Try walking, running or jogging using your rope. Avoid large arm circles. Use small rotating wrist movements. Learn the move without the rope – slowly go through the motion first then try practicing with some music to find a rhythm. Skip alone or with one or more people. Try out a beaded rope so you can hear it hit the floor. This helps establish a rhythm faster.

Kick up your exercise routine and get more burn in less time

PUSH UP – keep your back straight. Lie face down on the floor and place your body weight on your hands. Slowly push your body up. Hold for two seconds then slowly lower yourself down to the starting position. Most women find that using the knees instead of the feet makes pushing up easier. Do variations – for an easy start, do push up first on the wall then transfer to a high flat table. The higher the table the easier the exercise. Eventually progresses to lower tables to build up your endurance until you can finally do push ups on the floor.

WEIGHT TRAINING – focus on performing the exercise and the muscles you’re working on. Give attention to toning and make sure you do 12 to 15 repetitions for each exercise. Lift weight smoothly by not rushing to overload yourself and straining to lift more than you can manage. This might only result to poor style and give rise to frustration. Keep workouts tight and efficient – don’t leave room for interruptions in the exercise flow from beginning to end. However, training should not be hurried as this attitude leads to anxiety resulting in poor concentration and performance. Set a pace that displays self-confidence, willpower and enthusiasm.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Hobby Money

We all have other interest and talents that fall far from our day jobs. There’s the banker who takes wonderful photographs. There’s the marketing manager who hips up great dishes or parties in the kitchen. There’s the company employee who passes for a supermodel.

Turn your hobbies into a lucrative second job. I you’re a budding photographer work as a photographer assistant during weekends. Are you a potential model? Look for an agency that’s willing to book you for nightly or weekend jobs. Were you an athlete or performer in college? A lot of studios, schools and gyms hire part time coaches, dance teachers and aerobics instructors. You can negotiate to work around your schedule.

Are you a great baker or budding designer? Unleash your inner iron chef at night or during weekends. Start with samples of your work and showcase them to your friends or officemates during your free time. Soon enough, you’ll get loyal customers. Who knows? I could eventually be the start of a small business.

When it comes to part-time jobs, the key is to having the right connections. Time management is also important. Work around your schedule to make sure it doesn’t interfere with other important duties.

Garage sales racket

Also known as the yard sale or rummage sale, garage sales are the informal selling of goods by residents, neighborhood blocks or villages. It’s hassle free because you don’t need to acquire a business license and other government registrations. You can sell anything and everything, from unwanted furniture to old possessions you no longer need.

Start by collecting as much goods as you can all the junk in your house your family unwanted possession old clothes and everything else you don’t need. You’d be surprised to see how something you consider useless is actually a great find for a stranger. Remember the old adage. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Make sure you get a permit. Most baranggay’s and villages are lax, as long as you promise a secure and organized event. Choose a place where passerby can easily spot your sales, such as the obvious garage, Side Street, baranggay halls, baket ball court or parking lot. Organize your items, whether by category, size or color. Use masking tape to make a make-shift price tag, this way people won’t keep asking you how much.

Don’t forget to promote your garage sales; you can mass message your neighborhood friends and relatives. Tack posters on trees and posts. Give away fliers. Get your siblings or relative to help you out. Send text messages again the day before the sale.

Be open to haggling, but don’t easily give in to a pesky customer. Know the value of your items but keep it cheap these as second hand items after all. Even if you don’t sell everything by the end of the day, you’ll be relieved to earn money for your junk. Your house will look cleaner and more spacious, too!

If you have nothing more to sell, another idea is organizing a mini bazaar. You can charge rental space. But make sure your logistics are all in order and that you promote it sufficiently. This way you’ll have a well attended mini bazaar and of course some extra cash.


I watched Deal or No Deal the other night and I was in awe while the contestant is telling how he proposed to his wife. He doesn’t give the usual engagement ring instead he gave his the fiancĂ© a Louie Vuitton bag as a token of his love and undying affection.

I didn’t know that couples these days are weird. Whatever happens to the traditional romance, I mean the generation x romance. The flowers, chocolates and a ring are the symbolism of mans affection? I know I sounded so old fashion but actually I am just amazed to witness how things are evolving romance wise.

So what’s next? I would hear a girl inquiring for a auto insurance rate because car insurance is now the “in” gift for the girls. I will be spotting a man buying a very expensive pair of shoes as an engagement gift. What a strange world.

But no matter how strange this world turn out to be what important is the romance is still alive. I would not mind what kind of stuff would symbolize the love of a man or a woman to his or her partner for as long as the spirit of loving is there, I guess everything strange is bearable. Don’t you think so?


Ten years from now I see myself already living on my dream house. That is assuming that I am rich by then given the circumstances that we are not living in this recession age and earning five figures a month.

I’d been contemplating on what really is my dream house. I would not want an enormous house that is for sure. The fact that I will get lost on my own home is hilarious. So a super huge house is a no for me. Preferably a house with at the very least have five rooms is okay with me.

I also want to have an average pool size in it; a landscaped garden; a two car garage and a very posh kitchen. A kitchen like I’m seeing on those architectural digests. As for the theme I don’t want my house to be so futuristic or zen. I want it to be a crossover of Victorian and Contemporary.

I love to picture my future home in my head. It’s like having a great dream after a stressful week. But of course back to reality I have to consult a mortgage financing first. I would not want those ten years to become twenty years.


Have you ever feel trapped? Well if you are in debt all your life that is one way of being trapped. I have this theory that when you start having debts you are somehow trapped. I know that there are some practicalities on loaning, but the hassles paying the loan or the mortgages overpower those practicalities.

But then who are we to judge those people who wanted to acquire say a house or a car but doesn’t have the money to pay for cash. I understand perfectly those people who only earn a minimum wage but wanting to have their own home or car.

So if you don’t want to be trapped on paying those mortgages, I have a few suggestions and tips for those who want to loan a house, car or even money:

  1. Do the math. If you think you can’t still pay for those loans then don’t have them. Learn to prioritize.
  2. Consult a mortgage refinance. It doesn’t hurt to ask financial advice.
  3. If you must loan just make sure that it is within your financial bracket. You don’t want to pay a loan with another loan. It’s like digging your own grave.
  4. Think about having a loan for about a hundred times – seriously.