Sunday, March 15, 2009


Ten years from now I see myself already living on my dream house. That is assuming that I am rich by then given the circumstances that we are not living in this recession age and earning five figures a month.

I’d been contemplating on what really is my dream house. I would not want an enormous house that is for sure. The fact that I will get lost on my own home is hilarious. So a super huge house is a no for me. Preferably a house with at the very least have five rooms is okay with me.

I also want to have an average pool size in it; a landscaped garden; a two car garage and a very posh kitchen. A kitchen like I’m seeing on those architectural digests. As for the theme I don’t want my house to be so futuristic or zen. I want it to be a crossover of Victorian and Contemporary.

I love to picture my future home in my head. It’s like having a great dream after a stressful week. But of course back to reality I have to consult a mortgage financing first. I would not want those ten years to become twenty years.

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