Thursday, March 19, 2009

Slim down faster

Whole grain cereal - complex carbohydrates in the morning are an easy way to refuel your body and pump and prime your metabolic rate. Low fat dairy - pack with protein, in helps build muscles and banish flab. Coffee - caffeine is a stimulant which can help speed up your calorie burning furnace. Lean meats - they are rich in protein which take more energy to digest that crabs or fats. Protein keeps you feeling satisfied too. Green Tea - its caffeine and catechins (plant nutrient) my help rev your metabolic rate by up to 3.5%; sip 32 ounces a day. Nuts - thanks to their fiber and protein a handful at snack time keeps your body's engine humming. Tofu - a good source of leucine, this diet friendly protein helps you stay trim.

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