Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Get more for less

BOXING – learn the right stance. To perform the punches and footwork safely and effectively, it is important to get a balanced stance. This is the key to executing all boxing moves correctly. Plant feet comfortably apart. Put your weight on the balls of your feet. Each foot should have the same amount of weight and you should be able to move with ease. Bend your knees a little. Stand somewhat sideways against your opponent. Align your front foot, hip and shoulders to take full advantage of your reach and lessen the target area. Position the left hand such that the top of your fist is parallel to the top of your shoulders. Elbow should be slightly extended but still in place to defend your body. Put right fist near your chin with elbows close to the ribs and at right angles to the floor. Relax neck and shoulders. Take precautions – do warm ups and stretching. Wear the proper attire and gear. Do your boxing on soft surfaces.

JUMPING ROPE – stretch before you jump. Perform knee pulls and side bends roll shoulders, do head and neck circles, rotate wrists and stretch upwards to warm up. Then begin by keeping your feet together. Relax your knees and bounce lightly on the balls of your feet. Try walking, running or jogging using your rope. Avoid large arm circles. Use small rotating wrist movements. Learn the move without the rope – slowly go through the motion first then try practicing with some music to find a rhythm. Skip alone or with one or more people. Try out a beaded rope so you can hear it hit the floor. This helps establish a rhythm faster.

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