Sunday, March 15, 2009


I watched Deal or No Deal the other night and I was in awe while the contestant is telling how he proposed to his wife. He doesn’t give the usual engagement ring instead he gave his the fiancĂ© a Louie Vuitton bag as a token of his love and undying affection.

I didn’t know that couples these days are weird. Whatever happens to the traditional romance, I mean the generation x romance. The flowers, chocolates and a ring are the symbolism of mans affection? I know I sounded so old fashion but actually I am just amazed to witness how things are evolving romance wise.

So what’s next? I would hear a girl inquiring for a auto insurance rate because car insurance is now the “in” gift for the girls. I will be spotting a man buying a very expensive pair of shoes as an engagement gift. What a strange world.

But no matter how strange this world turn out to be what important is the romance is still alive. I would not mind what kind of stuff would symbolize the love of a man or a woman to his or her partner for as long as the spirit of loving is there, I guess everything strange is bearable. Don’t you think so?

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