Sunday, March 8, 2009

A to Z of women’s health INCONTINENCE


Stress incontinence leaking when you cough, laugh or exercise affects one in five women over 40. Yet few seek help, even though treatment can be highly effective. Special physiotherapists and continence advisers can help with pelvic floor exercises and other treatments. If these don’t help, surgery is an option. The latest technique abroad is TVT (tension-free-vaginal tape) a mesh like tape is inserted through tiny incision in the abdomen and vaginal wall and placed under the urethra to form a hammock holding it in its normal position. The operation takes around 30 minutes and can be done under local anaesthetic. Research suggests that it’s more than 80% successful.

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W. James Wright said...

Thank you for not hiding this issue. I have a friend here in Toronto that has developed a fashionable womens incontinence underwear using Microfiber.
Very thin and good looking. I thought maybe you might want to do a story on her as she is a new business.