Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Choosing a Hair Loss Restoration Treatment

Hair loss is a big dilemma. There are many ways to treat this dilemma these days. Science has given us new technology that allows us to treat the many different causes. Science may not be able to cure some of these causes but there are ways to suppress it. There is no one hair loss solution. It is dependent on a lot of different factors.

The first factor is the type of hair loss you have. Hair loss can come from many different sources. It can even be caused by a combination of different things. Certain medical conditions can cause hair loss. Medications can cause hair loss. Hormones can cause hair loss. Genetics can cause hair loss. Even major stresses to your body such as sustained illness, major surgery, trauma and even stress and anxiety can cause hair loss.

The next step is to figure out what method you prefer to go. You can take pills, use creams, lotions or shampoos; you can supplement them with sprays or even use a laser comb. The upside is that if they are designed for your type of hair loss and are legit they will work. The downside is that if you decide to stop taking it for whatever reasons, you will go back to having hair loss problems again. So basically once you start taking them, you have to continue for the rest of you life. You can choose to go the surgical route with hair transplant surgery, scalp reduction surgery or even scalp extending surgery. This is great for creating lasting hair. However there are risks and side effects. It also means that you will have multiple surgeries and is very expensive.

Once you have chosen a product or treatment that seems right for you, you need to do your homework. Look up reviews on the product or procedure and see what other people have thought. It is important to read as many as you can and weigh them overall. Some may have been placed there to make the product better, just as some may write a bad review of the product because they used a product that was not meant to treat their type of balding or perhaps they did not follow the instructions for use. If you are using a procedure, you should make sure to read reviews of what people thought of the surgery and any difficulties they faced with it. Also, it is a good idea to try and find as much information on the doctor who will be doing the surgery. You may find he or she is great and it can put your mind at ease, or you may find many bad reviews that will make you realize you should find another doctor.

Hair loss restoration can be life changing. You can regain your confidence. You can regain that full head of hair you have not had since you were young. As long as you are informed about your decision you can rest easy knowing you made a good choice.