Thursday, March 19, 2009


I noticed that a lot of people have been prone to different kind of illnesses nowadays. I guess it is because of rampant pollution. I envy the older generation for having a much cleaner earth.

Another thing that may cause health deterioration on my opinion is the kind of food we eat today. We tend to consume more junk foods and never get the proper nutrition we need. This leads us of getting prone to illnesses.

I think what we should do to about this is to get back to basics. We should start eating more vegetables. Eat more organic foods. But I know we can not force ourselves to change our diet drastically. This is food supplements will take charge. It can help you get the nutrition you need without really changing your diet.

There are a lot of food supplements available in the market and one of those is Herbalife from Herbalife International. If you want to try it you can easily contact a Herbalife Distributor. Or better consult a physician or nutritionist if you want a professional opinion on what supplement you can take.

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Kara said...

I completely agree with you. What we consume today, for the most part, is fast food and chemically altered foods. I think we would all be much healthier if we ate natural foods. I have been on the Herbalife diet for a little while now, and I really enjoy it. I feel much better and healthier.