Wednesday, March 20, 2013


We commemorate the eight year death anniversary of my father last March 16. He died of a heart disease. From then on I’d been conscious about the health of heart of my family and me. It has been one of my priorities to take good care of our heart. This requires proper diet, eating the right food that can improve heart health and avoiding foods that will risk our hearts health. This includes going on a program diet. At first this has been difficult because as a family we love to eat but then we really have to do this also as some sort kind of tribute to my father.

We also exercise regularly. Some of us go to a gym or enroll to yoga or any fitness class. We are very conscious on making ourselves fit, eating healthy and avoiding stressful factors that is also one of the risk factor to our hearts. The death of our father due to a heart disease woke us up to take care of our health. Death can be traumatic but I know it is inevitable but it doesn’t have to be just like the death of my father that is so early and sudden. So this taking good care of our health specifically our hearts would be our bond as a family.