Thursday, March 19, 2009

Power of Money

Money, money, money. MON-EY. You know it's on your mind. It's on all of our minds. With a recession knocking on America's door, all of us fear our job security, our stocks, and our financial well being.

Luckily, there are always ways to make money. In a tough economy, these ways still exist; you just have to get creative to find a business that suites your needs. Now, this doesn't mean you should "creatively" rob a bank, instead try the following options:

Sell What You Don't Use: There are people all over the US who make a living selling things on Craigslist or Ebay. Either they are lucky enough to have priceless antiques from childhood (such as unopened Star Wars figurines) or they have a knack for finding things at garage sales and swap meets that they can sell for profit. Even if you don't want to spend a lot of time selling items - if you refuse to scour every flea market in your hometown - there's a good chance you have something lying around your house you could do without. If you don't need that extra TV or haven't used your mountain bike in five years, sell it.

Pick up Contract Work: A bad economy usually doesn't bode well for the workforce, unless you are a contractor. During these trying times, many companies choose to hire contractors - freelance writers, freelance computer programmers, - in lieu of full time workers because it saves them money. Instead of having to pay for full time employees for forty hours a week plus benefits, companies can hire a contractor only for what they need, even if it's 60 minutes a month. If you have a degree or expertise in an area where contract work is offered, try picking up some extra work. More often than not, the work pays well and can be done right from your home.

Use Your Hobby: Many of us have hobbies. While certain hobbies make it impossible to make money (shopping, for instance, is usually not a profitable past time), other hobbies may allow you to supplement your income. If sewing or painting murals is a hobby of yours, try integrating it into a side business. Start with friends and neighbors. You probably won't hit it rich, but you'll make a few bucks doing something you love.

Try a Business Program: The Internet is booming with business opportunities. Some of these are scams (ahem, Pyramid schemes), but others are legit ways of making money. Internet Leveraging and Marketing, offers an incredible opportunity for people to make money using the Internet. This program offers all of its websites and training in both English and Spanish so it is appealing to a larger number of people. They also offers multiple streams of income for members, members are able to resell ILM memberships only and make a strong six-figure income, or they can further increase their online presence by marketing any of the additional products and services offered. They also offer members their proprietary system of Intelligent Phase Marketing that allows members to partake in multiple top online income opportunities without having to join multiple programs. ILM is being heralded as the easiest way to profit online by many marketing gurus. They just offer people more and that's what people want.

Simply check out all your options, and see where they lead you. You may find something you can do right from home to cut costs like commuting, daycare & lunches etc. Always remember to do your homework when looking into any business or program.

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DanielL said...

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