Tuesday, March 17, 2009


BELLY DANCING – feel the music bear in mind the elements of your body – head, shoulders, elbows, hands, hips, rib, tummy, legs and feet – use them all while dancing. Pace yourself – divide your time into doing warm up stretches, reviewing moves and doing some freestyle dancing. Work on three to four new movements and incorporate them into your dance. Cool down with some more stretches.

RUBBER EXERCISE – several workouts that you can do at home using a long length of rubber or tubing. Exercise the lower body – knot the ends of the rubber to make a loop then wrap it around and above your knees in the beginning. Gradually lower the rubber as you get used to the resistance. Work inner thighs, swing legs towards the center instead. Do hip extensions by extending the legs backwards to work the buttocks. Work you upper body – lengthen the rubber and hook it beneath your feet. Pull it with your hands using the back muscles. For the chest, put the rubber around your torso and pull towards the front. To work the shoulders do side raises by stepping on the rubber and pulling it sideways. For the arms, do bicep curls while you keep the rubber flat under your feet.

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