Thursday, February 26, 2009

A to Z of women’s health BRITTLE BONES


Osteoporosis, or brittle bones, affects around three million people every year. Half of all women over 50 suffer a fracture. Calcium and vitamin D are vital for bone health, and there’s growing evidence that fruit and vegetables at least five to seven portions a day may also be protective.

A to Z of women’s health


A little alcohol can help protect your heart your heart after menopause, but too much can e dangerous. Alcohol slightly increases breast cancer risk while heavy drinking may increase your osteoporosis risk. But research shows that women are more vulnerable to the effects of alcohol than men, so they’re more prone to serious problems such as liver disease and alcohol induced brain damage.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Dream Home

Everyone dream is to own a home. Choosing a home loan that fits your budget is always a challenge and requires prudent preparation. One sure way of helping your realize your dream is with the help of a loan that lets you pay whatever you can afford. This is now possible with a website you can find the best home mortgages that fit to your budget.

Home mortgages have several advantages;

>The flexibility of long term payment, pay only what you can afford!

>The option to buy a home that’s right for you, why settle for a one or two bedroom house when you’ll be able to afford a three bedroom with a long term of payment. The longer loan term lets you stretch your budget and brings down your monthly payments.

>Why rent when you can own! Think wisely, instead of paying rent each month, why not use the money to pay for a house that you could own! Who knows? What you used to pay for rent could very well turn out to be the same amount as your monthly amortization.

The loan perfectly fitted the budget and allowed to move into their new home without a fuss.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


You know the joke: If you pick up dropped food within five seconds, you can still eat it. Turns our, it's not a joke - and you may have more time than you think. In an experiment at Connecticut College, a group of microbiology students left both wet food (apple slices) and dry (hard candies) on the floor of a cafeteria for intervals ranging from five seconds to five minutes. When they tested their samples for bacterial growth, they found it took 30 seconds for germs to appear on the apples and up to 5 minutes for the candies to become germy. Of course, you have to use good sense too, If the floor is dirty or pets walk on it even a nanosecond could be risky.


With this global crisis going on I wonder how this world would manage to survive without eventually having to kill each other. I am not overreacting; it is possible that we would end up killing each other. Poverty leads to civil war.

Hopefully this would not happen. I am still optimistic that global economy will bounce back after this entire crisis. But what comes before the bouncing back is this thing making ends meet.

A lot of people are currently pursuing of putting up a business after becoming the casualty (read: jobless) of this recession thing. I am not sure if it is wise. Surely, it is one of the best options out there after loosing a job. But you will need a lot of courage to take the risk in this very shaky economy.

It is a win-win situation I guess for some are using their separation pays for their capital. Some are applying for different kind of loans such as no credit check cash advance. And some are actually selling their properties.

The secret I guess for those who wants to succeed on business in this trying time is to research and study what really is the booming business nowadays. Don’t go blindsided on all the business aspects. If I may put it in two words, BE INTELLIGENT.

Saturday, February 21, 2009


When you step on a scale, what you'd like to see most is the pointer on a number - any number - lower than you look in those short and staples outfit, right? Not exactly being light weight doesn't necessarily spell good health. In fact, being underweight can bring just as much trouble as being overweight. As you age, your metabolisms slow down. You're not as active as before, so what ever you eat, you don't bum as fast anymore. Therefore, the increase in weight, if you go to a burger joint and eat a cheese burger with salted fries that will easily be a thousand calories. If you exercise for 30 min at moderate intensity, you have born only 350 to 400 calories. The excess unfortunately stays in your body in the form of fats. In these simple examples, the equation is already lopsided! How do you balance the equation? The key is to determine your ideal weight, then make the necessary changes in your diet, exercise habit and life style to achieve it. These factors work hand in hand as you work towards having the body you want and keeping it that ways.....

Monday, February 16, 2009


Mom was right too many sweets can be bad for you. Canadian scientist have found that the liver handles high sugar loads in a way that leads to an in balance of certain hormones in the body, upping a women’s risk of acne, infertility and heart disease. So, try to keep your sugar intake under 10 teaspoons a day.

Best credit card offer

Many people said that credit card is convenient to carry. You can purchase with out bringing cash and you can use for an emergency situation like medical bill, purchase in the grocery, paying on the restaurant, travel expenses, gas expenses, etc. That’s why credit card companies are so many credit card offer and promo’s to their customer. Like corporate credit cards – you can monitor all the expenses of your corporate partners and also your card earn a reward, gas credit cards – you can enjoy the cash back reward of the gas you purchase, low interest credit cards – you enjoy the low or 0% APR, low intro APR, fixed APR and all for 3 in one year, balance transfer credit cards – enjoy the 0% APR, low intro APR and rewards on balance transfers, Airline credit cards – enjoy airlines miles, points and free tickets, cash back credit cards – enjoy the cash back on every day purchases and other great rewards, business credit cards – enjoy rewards and cash on what your business buys most, reward credit cards – enjoy the rewards and cash on what you buy most, student credit cards – enjoy the rewards and cash back perfect for the college student or future college students etc… You can avail any credit cards depend on your lifestyle.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sensitive Skin

If your skin still gets easily irritated, you must have sensible skin. It is a misconception to think that sensitive skin is only for the young ones. The truth is, as we age our skin actually becomes more sensitive than it was before. It is an inescapable reality that our skin cells also age and our natural resistances against external factors begin to weaken.

If your sensitive skin is irritated, it needs to be soothed and calmed immediately. Choose products with natural ingredients like licorine, it provides instant relief. You will know that you are using the right product when you notice that skin redness is reduced and you are relieved from that tight skin feeling.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Chocolate Craving

Cravings aren’t a sign of weakness.

Three out of five women don’t get enough magnesium in their diet and chocolate cravings could be a sign you’re one of them. Chocolate contains up to 50 milligrams of magnesium per ounce. So cravings are your brains way of trying to correct a shortfall.

Replenish in just three weeks by enjoying one ounce of magnesium rich nuts or one cup of spinach daily.

Burger Craving

Monthly periods cause one in five women to be short in iron, and meat cravings are a top symptom. Eating three ounces of red meat daily can reverse the problem in three months. But if you’re avoiding red meat, take a daily iron supplement up to 18 milligrams each day.

Fast cash loan to solve your unexpected expenses

What matter most it comes with to our life, family or settle our bills. Unexpected expenses can generate anytime when we are not financially prepared like medical expenses, car breakdown, paying bills like electricity and water, or you want to visit places to see your relatives or friends for an emergency situation. All these expenses don’t give you time to wait for the payday and you might to need fast cash at this time to solve financial crises. One of the best options to answer your circumstances is fast cash loan.

There are so many institutions help you to meet your expenses until your next payday like website. Applying for fast cash loan is quick and handy. You can apply through easy step online process that would take less then to 5 minutes. As soon as you apply for the loan your application is processes within 15 to 20 seconds. It’s what fast cash is all about. You will get your loan on the same day, if you have applied for loan and you have a good credit. No need any paper work documentation. All you need to do for getting fast cash loan is just to fill up an online application. Loan amount is deposited on your bank account.


We all know that oily fish is good for our heart and joints and those we should be aiming to eat more of it. But how many of us are being held back by the alarming headlines that warn of the associated risks? Alongside all the official advice to eat more oily fish, we see regular warnings about fish being contaminated with mercury and environmental pollutants.

Mercury contamination is still an issue in some larger fish. People under 16 and women who are pregnant or trying to become pregnant avoid shark, swordfish and marlin completely and everyone else restricts themselves to one portion a week.

Cyber Identity

I’d been blogging for almost three years and my blogging career would’ve been uneventful if I haven’t experienced identity theft. I know it sounded so weird but its true though, that in cyber world you can easily lost your identity. Everybody could use your identity and unfortunately can get away with it. Sad, but it is happening.

Good thing there is lifelock. Somehow the problem has been addressed. I don’t know how exactly lifelock works but from the looks of it, it seems that it will help you protect your identity online and even reduce your spam mails that you yourself has been amazed where the hell it has been coming from. The junk keeps piling up like mad and if you could atleast eliminate fifty percent of those it may cost you a couple of Advil.

If you too is interested on what lifelock can do to your cyber life just go and visit They said there is a lifelock reviews ready for all your inquiries. Hopefully you could have your own dose of peace of mind on your cyber life when you decided to subscribe. I too am considering subscribing one of these days. Who knows what else this cyber theft could do. It is better prepared than sorry.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Have you examine your eyes

Yearly examinations to guard against conditions that cause blindness, most common of which is vitamin A deficiency. Cataracts are another common cause, with the risk increasing as one grows older. For many women, however, the most pressing eye problem is error of refraction, causing blurred vision, headaches, and even nausea. This can be easily treated with glasses or lenses. Laser treatments are now also available locally. If you have a family history of glaucoma, or if you have diabetes, it is even more important to have your eyes examined.


There are many great reasons to quit. Stopping smoking is better for the skin and prevents pregnancy complications. Mothers must also remember that children of smokers are at greater risk of developing asthma and ear infections, and more likely to copy behavior later in life.

>Smoking is the single largest preventable cause of disease and premature death. It is a prime factor in heart disease, stroke, and chronic lung disease. It can cause cancer of the lungs, larynx, esophagus, mouth and bladder and contributes to cancer of the cervix, pancreas and kidneys.

>There are more than 4,000 toxic or carcinogenic chemicals in cigarette smoke.

>Not surprisingly, lung cancer has overtaken breast cancer as the leading cause of cancer death among women in many countries.

Home Mortgage

Are you looking to buy your own home, whether it first time for you to buy or you are thinking of moving to somewhere bigger than your present house, then it’s likely that you are going to need a home mortgage. Finding a best home mortgages companies is not easy, first we need to know the background of the companies, availability of a customer service 24/7 if we have any question or we can answer our question directly.

There are two types of home mortgage – either a fixed rate mortgage or a tracker mortgage. With fixed rate mortgage, the interest rate stays exactly the same of two, three, four or five years, whichever one you choose. That’s why; you know exactly what your monthly payments will be for the time. And for a tracker mortgage, they are linked to the bank’s interest rate. If the rate of the banks goes down then so will your mortgage rate of course, if that rate of the banks goes up your mortgage goes up too.

Whether you are a first time buyer or thinking of switching from your current lender, why not to find out what can do for you? You can check out how much your mortgage will cost using home mortgage calculator and you can find out more online too….

My plan

This coming 2nd quarter of the year mid of July, I have a plan to buy a house, but first I check my budget via banque eh ligne (online banking) on the net. And second I start searching the net finding best pret immobilier (real estate mortgage) that fit to my budget. I want my house secured that’s why I search also best home assurance vie (insurance) company.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Surprising and simple! Between home, work and family you barely have time to breathe. What can you do to de-stress?

>Gaze at Blue – to grab a moment of instant calm. Blue is the color of the ocean and the sky, so we automatically associate it with the serene Justify Fullfeelings that come with being out in nature.
>Grab some gum – rhythmic, repetitive actions like chewing gum trigger our body’s natural relaxation response, slowing our heart rate, breathing and brain activity.
>Form a fist – clench your fists tightly for five seconds, then open them. You’ll relax instantly. Why? When a muscle tenses as much as possible, it becomes able to de-tense completely.
>Sing your heart out – when we sing, we’re breathing deeply. And this lowers body’s blood pressure and heart rate, decreasing stress.
>Make someone’s day – being kind to others produces a rush of feel-good chemicals in the brain, creating what’s known as a helper’s high. The endorphin surge boosts our mood, distracting us from the woes that stress us out.
>Plant some calm – a little green in your environment can keep stress at bay. Women who kept plants at work had less anxiety. Why? They capture our attention, giving us a mental break from negative feelings that lead to stress.

Right auto insurance

Everyday you can watch on TV, listening to radio and reading to news paper of different kinds of accident in a land, air and sea. No one can know what will happen to us in next, be careful, aware and alert to our surrounding when we are in a road, driving on a car, travel etc.

If you have a car much better to check first your car I mean the battery, water, tires, test the break, gas etc. before you drive, maintain maintenance check up like change oil, wheel alignment, etc. of your car to avoid unconditioned of your car. Drive safely, follow the driving rules like; if you drank don’t drive, if you drive don’t drank and follow the signs on the road.

And most important to all the car owner see to it that your car have an auto insurance. Auto Insurance is mandatory requirement of the land transportation office before you registered your car. Be wise to choose an insurance company; inquire to other insurance company get the quotations and read carefully the policy they offer. Do this to other insurance company and then compare all the policy and quotation, considering you must know the background of the insurance company you choose.

Sunday, February 1, 2009


The two-second trick: sitting up straight. The moment you slump, your belly protrudes. Unfortunately, people who spend eight hours a day hunched over a computer keyboard can weaken their bodies to the point where it’s actually hard to do anything but slouch. Those muscles can become atrophied from disuse. To improve your posture, you need to strengthen the upper back muscles that hold your spine straight. Do these simple and speedy moves twice a day.
>Back extension – lie face down with your feet together and your toes pointed. The palms of your hands should be on the floor, just in front of your shoulders. Lift your chin and gently rise up onto your forearms. Hold for 20 to 30 seconds.
>Chest opener – sitting on the edge of a chair, roll your shoulders back, swing your arms toward the rear of the chair, and gently squeeze your shoulder blades together. Hold for 10 to 20 seconds.

Right Credit Cards

Who ever said cash is king probably didn’t own credit cards. Cashless shopping could bring lots of perks, generous discounts and interest - free installments!

Reward yourself - most credit cards today offer rewards points to promote loyalty among users. Make sure you card has a rewards program and that you are getting the most rewards points for your spending.

Get the right fit - pick a credit card that suit your lifestyle if you travel often, get one that is designed for travelers. You get more miles for less spending your can redeem in as many as 70 airlines, plus you enjoy free travel accident and inconvenience protection.

Did you say 0% interest? If you are intending to buy a new LCD TV watch out for news of your credit card issuer offering 0% installment packages. You get to keep your credit cards, spend it on something else or let it earn interest in the bank, as well as rewards points.

Discount mania - to make you pay plastic, instead of cash, credit card issuer’s talk to boutiques, restaurants, hotels, even spas and gyms to offer you discount and other freebies…..