Thursday, March 12, 2009


They say that if you must dream you must dream big. I somehow agree, in this life we must always look at the bigger picture. We go forward if we have big goals. But we should also be realistic because let’s face it big goals do not happen overnight.

This also applies in business. It’s a good thing that we picture ourselves a very successful entrepreneur in the long run. But we also have to keep an open eye about reality. A successful business requires hard work equipped with knowledge and good observation.

I know a lot of people have been planning to put up a business at this time. Of course you can blame these people who have been a casualty in this “recession” age. I understand that it is the first logical step or option after having been laid off of a job. But the chances of being successful are not at all a sure thing. Let’s face the fact that money is hard. And people wouldn’t want to slash off their hard earned money that easy, hence the very limited business idea.

So I confidently suggest to the millions of aspiring entrepreneur out there is to stick to what is essential these days. Know your target market and stick to it. Don’t panic if the return of your investments is not as fast as you expects.

They can also use the trend as a tool, for instance, using the mobile device as a tool for marketing. Since almost everybody is using a mobile phone why not target clients or customer using mobile marketing with just short codes you can easily communicate with prospective customers. Cellit Mobile Marketing offers this kind of tool.

I hope that somehow I have enlightened those who are planning to put up a business.

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