Thursday, December 11, 2008

"Weight Gain"

We use eating as a means of handling emotions - be it happiness or sadness "hindi talaga natin intention mag gain ng weight. Tapos yung iba naman, just to pass time". Ours is an eating society - " we always tend to meet friends over lunch, meryenda, or dinner. Delikado yun, kasi di mo napapansin and dami mo na pala nakakain". We are influenced by the eating habit of others - yung iba peer presure, what ever your friend are eating yun din sayo. However, some people have faster metabolism than others, so that they easily burn calories. Other experience the opposite. Many conveniences are now available especially for children, there's TV, gameboy, tricyle or sasakyan. Because of these, kids nowaday don't engage in as much physical activity as before. Bad eating habit are passed on to the children - "this habits are pick up by children" most of the time, parents who are always busy tend to serve unhealthy instant foods, ang qualification nila is the high fats, so madaling mabusog, which is also bad....

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lunaticg said...

Just don't forget to do your exercise after a lots of eating. It will be Ok for me.

See you around.