Thursday, December 11, 2008

Shopping Early

I started in early October, saving for the holidays. Each payday I bought several items I need for Thanksgiving. Before the end of November when my gifts and grocery is not enough, it’s a time for me to apply payday loan because I don’t want to shop in rush minutes. I got coupons for most of the items, but little by little, I have almost everything I need for Thanksgiving, except last minute stuff. As far as Christmas, I have done the same thing. I have gone to stores that have lay away and put toys for kids, and other items in. The reason I do this is because it won’t be such a burden come the holidays. We also cut way back on gift giving last year. We do it for the kids, mainly.

We still have garage sales going here, the weather has been nice. I found a Spiderman outfit that still had the tags on it-thirty bucks, got it for five dollars, which included a hoodie, shirt and pants. The holidays are all about family anyway, so we don’t make it a crazy time, just being together and making memories.

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