Friday, December 19, 2008

"Go on a mini-retreat"

Leading a stressful life? You don't have to go off on expensive retreat to relax and rejuvenate yourself. Make small adjustments to your everyday life and feel a change.
>Breathe easy - air that is highly charged and polluted stresses your body without you even knowing it. Get an air purifier to prevent illnesses like asthma and colds.
>Take a break - instead of taking a coffee break, walk around your office to stretch your muscles and get your heart beating and blood flowing.
>Sit up - even while at your desk, hour your back straight and your head directly on top of your spine, so you won't strain or tax your bones.
>Drink up - replenish your body with water and wash away bad element. Drink a lot of water and juices with fiber to flush away toxins from your digestive tract.
>De-stress - take a minute to be completely quiet. Close your eyes, empty your mind of doubts and worries, zone out.

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