Thursday, December 4, 2008

Is it safe to heat food in plastic?

To get behind the hype 31 containers, lids, bags, wraps and liners. What we found was reassuring but not really protected your family there's more you need to know..... My kitchen filled with products that help me get dinner on the table fast. I have cans of beans and tomato paste on my pantry shelves. In the fridge, there's usually a collection of leftovers last night lasagna, some barbecued chicken - in dishes covered with plastic wrap, ready to eat after a zap in the microwave. I sometimes buy food and drinks in plastic containers, i've been known to chop on a plastic cutting board, and i carry water around in a plastic bottle. So i've grown increasingly alarmed over news stories on plastics in recent months. First saying that the same containers and wraps may contain chemicals that can pose dangers to health: bisphenotA(BPA) which among its many roles is used to make a type of hard plastic and certain phthalates, a wide range of chemicals that among their many uses soften plastic. ....

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