Friday, December 19, 2008

Business Credit Cards

Business credit card is an indispensable tool for handling the operating expenses of a business. A good one gives you a convenient way to make purchases for your business and provides a ready source of short term credit. The records generated by credit purchases also provide a convenient source of tracking expenses data to help for managing your business finances. There are so many credit card companies offering an extensive array of credit and debit card designed specially for the business. If you already own or plan to start a business you probably get the offer, the competition of your business credit card means better deals for you.

A business that provides goods and services also offer business credit card bonus, such as discounts or cash back on purchases. If you a lot of business with one particular company for instance an office supply store and that company offers a credit card you might benefit by getting one.

My tips and advice for making the most of this guide: If you can get a business credit cards early in the process of forming your business (finance your startup), you can use it as a source of capital to buy the things you need to get up and running. Once your company starts making money, you can repay the debt.

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Anonymous said...

I think a business credit card is a really useful tool. I recently took out an MBNA Business Card to help me reduce paperwork and accounting fees and the annual fee is very reasonable.