Saturday, December 20, 2008

"Eat Smart Tips"

Repent for your sinful holiday partying, and mend your ways by making your New Year's diet resolutions.......

DON'T SKIP - you know it's been said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Eat a healthy, nutritious, filling breakfast to keep you from making up for it on your next meal.

AVOID SWEETS - slowly phase out candies and other sweets from your diet. Not only do they tend to be high in calories, they're also bad for your teeth.

GO FRESH - visit the produce section of the grocery and stock up on fresh fruit and vegetables that are sure sources of vitamins and minerals.

IMPOSE A KITCHEN CURFEW - tame your stomach by resisting any late night grumbling. Eating close to bedtime will not give your system time to fully digest all that food.

RESIST TEMPTATION - if you don't have a chocolate bar or a bag of chips just a few paces away, then you will be less prone to snacking on them. Stock up on healthy good that is low in fat and calories.

CUT DOWN - lessen the portions that you consume gradually: if you used to have a cup of rice, get used to two-thirds, then half.

CALL IN THE ALTERNATIVE - these days, low-fat and non-fat alternatives abound. Use low-fat mayo, milk, yogurt, and cheese instead.

GO NATURAL - processed food with all their preservatives and additives are bad, bad, bad. Buy fresh meat and fish from the market instead.

FIBER-FILL YOUR DIET - choose whole-wheat breads, brown rice, and other fiber infused food to fill you up faster and make your snacking healthier.

JUICE UP - instead of drinking alcoholic or carbonated drinks or powdered juices that are high in both sugar and calories, go for fresh fruits juices...

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