Wednesday, December 31, 2008


>Jot down your goals, activities, and accomplishments in a notebook. Weight and measure yourself and write those numbers down. Keep records consistently so you can track your progress.

>Invest on a stopwatch – it will help you consistently keep track of your routines, and help you push yourself as far as you can go. It also lets you know when it’s time to stop and take a breather.

Blast those calories – doing cardio exercise is one good way to lose weight. It increases your breathing and heart rate, as well as conditions your heart and lungs. Do your cardio exercises thrice a week. Start with light walking around your neighborhood or even at the mall. Walk for about 30 min at a leisurely pace before gradually picking up speed in the coming days to increase your endurance. Alternate light walking with some speed walking. “Before you do your walking, make sure you haven’t just gotten out of bed. You should have done some light work already”. If you plan to walk in the evening, be sure to put on some light colored clothes and shoes with reflectors for safety.

Flatten that tummy basic crunches – bend knees at a 45 degree angle. Lie down flat, hands on back of the neck and raise your shoulder blades up to two inches off the floor. Your neck should be relaxed, not strained; chin and chest shouldn’t touch while contractions should be felt on the abs alone. Do three sets with 20 repetitions every day for beginners, every other day for those who need toning.

Enjoy – find the places where you can enjoy your walk. Exploring your surroundings on foot is an invigorating experience.

Eat Healthier – Limit eating sweets and salty food starting this month and add fiber into your diet with fruits and vegetables…….

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