Monday, April 20, 2009


These past few weeks I had been feeling the need to find another job. I had been financially challenged for quite sometime now and I had been having a hard time making ends meet. I know I don't have the priveiledge to complain because the universe didn't single me out to experience this, obviously we are quite many.

If I were a boy I would probably get into construction job or those medical mission thing or even a fire fighter. I can imagine myself wearing safety vests and hard hats while holding first aid kits. I know that doesn't make sense just think of something to that effect. If only I have the energy for those jobs I will never hesitate getting into it.

I know that those jobs are being underestimated. We often took them for granted but in the real sense those are the job that we should really give the proper credit. For me they are the REAL job – the hard labour and the heroic acts are indeed the best jobs in the world. Unfortunately those jobs needs people who are capable and fit. Nevertheless, I salute those construction mens, fire fighters and medical staffs. Kudos to them.

Since I can not join those jobs I should opt to find an extra income. Maybe venturing into a small business would help me to make ends meet. Or if the universe will shower me some luck I might find myself not having the same financial hardships again.

Que sera sera. One thing is for sure though I won't stop on finding ways to cure this financial sickness. Hopefully my positive outlook and perseverance are enough weapons as I go through this financial battle. And of course the constant hope and prayer that this recession thing will soon be over.

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