Monday, April 20, 2009

Anonymous phone calls and how to deal with them

Even a anchorite now gets anonymous phone calls. Humorously put, this thing was actually created because of the fault of the anchorite. Why in God’s name a anchorite would need a phone in the main place? But not many hermits are positively what they testify they are and that may explain the situation to a particular extent.

Possibly in the olden days, before the arrival of the telephone, and even previously the finding of paper, people would have got, an unsigned fragment of palm leaf bind to the legs of an unmarked bird. That as well could have happened, given the nature of human, to hit the enemy without having the guts to clear do so. In the present day of electronics not only the method of communication has become powerful and simpler and affordable, one can connect anyone from anywhere, provided the other man is willing to reply.

Not every one making anonymous phone calls need be cowards. Even the mighty do this, to spread panic, and the psychopaths do it, to satisfy their inward needs. In any case the victim is the one who is being called if he is threatened or not. The very ringing of the phone is quite enough to create the ruin with the psychological balance of the victim.

Frequently this crime is not registered. It is silently undergone. Thereby giving the criminals more audacity to continue or discover new victims. This is right in the case of children and that of adult citizens. They either suppose that they would not be believed or just they quite believe the danger as they receive them. Very seldom the sufferer is actually guilty of a past, but even most of the times the guilt is only from the thought-up thought that whatever was in that past, was either accident or due to the victim’s fault.

The way to deal with the anonymous phone calls is to let know about them. Or find out what is troubling the victim incase they are not forthcoming to disclose the nagging pain in their flimsy and tender minds. The law enforcing agencies, can be contacted to eradicate this nuisance. With the assistance of today’s technology this accordance of information and request for extirpation can be composed in seconds and in very easy ways. Privacy is kept up most of the times. The power of the media is very much helpful in finding out the truth, but it is the same power of the Media that created the problem in the first place. Confidential reporting and request for action can always be made in present day’s Internet universe.

Any phone and any communication implements for that matter can be traced and found, as long as they are working. It is accomplishable to find an implements of communication from a distance of many miles, even from outer space. It is all done by reverberation tracking down of the signal.

So what if the number on the ID screens is unfamiliar and unintelligent? Just go for help if you wish not only you to be the sufferer but also desire others from falling victims to anonymous phone calls.

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