Thursday, April 30, 2009

Business Oportunity in Dubli

Online shopping is on the rise and appears to be an unstoppable force in any type of economy. Initially, this space was dominated by giant players like eBay and Amazon. But more and more players are entering into the eCommerce marketplace. In general, there are 2 types of eCommerce on the Internet. The first type involves direct selling. Amazon is the prime example. The second type, which is a more interesting model, is the auction model - eBay being the most well known among consumers.

A new major player in the marketplace, by the name of will give both eBay and Amazon real competition. Their unique business model incorporates direct selling and a twist on the traditional auction site model. Customers are flocking to to save money on everyday purchases as well as luxury items. In this article we will take a look at just one small part of business model. They have 3 types of auctions and there are several different ways to bid on an item.

1) Xpress bidding.

This model allows the bidder to buy when the price is right. The selling price, instead of starting from the lowest, starts from the highest. Every time some clicks on "Show Price", the price drops down by 25 cents. If the price is right, just buy the item. Each time the "Show Price" button is clicked, there is a cost of 80 cents.

2) ZerO,- bidding.

Again, the selling price starts from the highest. But in this bidding system, you can't buy the product even if the price is right. You have to be the last bidder to click on "Show Price". Each click costs the usual 80 cents, and if you are the last bidder, the product is yours. This system makes it more difficult for a consumer to get their hands on a product. But if they do win the auction, they walk away with the item for just a few bids of 80 cents.

3) Unique bidding.

The name says it all - the one with the lowest unique bid wins the auction. There are 2 criteria here that must be satisfied. First, the bid must be the lowest. That means no one else enter a bid that is lower than yours. Secondly, you must be the unique bidder. In other words, there cannot be someone else bidding the same amount as you.

Consumers are already warming up to these new bidding systems as they stand a chance to walk away with some really attractive items for a fraction of the retail price. The growth of the site is given a further boost by its army of associates in the Dubli Network.

The role of the Dubli business associate is to bring customers to Dubli. The revenues generated by this pool of customers are then shared among members of the network. This gives members a chance to create a stream of recurring income. Early Dubli business associates could see viral growth of their customer base as high as 5x during Dubli?s first year in the US. Ten to Twenty initial customers could grow to several thousand with no effort on the part of the Dubli Network business associate.

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Informative post,

Dubli network is the new up and coming shopping site that’s breaking into the US with a vengeance and will soon continue throughout the world. It’s prepared to do business alongside eCommerce giants such as Amazon, where goods are available at retail and discounted prices through direct selling. It will do business also alongside eBay, who catapulted itself to fame and fortune using the auction model for doing business.