Saturday, April 11, 2009

How to Get Acai Berry Free Samples

Acai berry found in Amazon rainforest of Brazil is a very nutritious berry, that contains many good ingredients - minerals, vitamins and omega fats. It also acts as a very strong antioxidant. In recent years its popularity greatly increased. It was featured on Oprah's show, Rachel Ray's show and several news channels. With a spike in interest in acai, many of the companies decided to offer a free trial, allowing people to get anacai berry free sample. All you have to do is pay shipping and handling to get yours.

Of course, nothing is free in this world. For example, the acai berry free samples of are in fact free - you pay for shipping and handling and in a few days you'll get the free bottle of acai capsules. But when you order the trial you are automatically enrolled into an auto shipping program. Basically if you don't cancel before the free trial ends you will get charged and another bottle will be shipped to you. Some people never realize this and then obviously feel upset that they got charged. This is one of the main sources of complaints about acai berry. However, as long as you read what you are agreeing to and cancel before trial ends, it's not a problem.

There are many web sites that you can order an acai berry free sample from. But there are many different brands of capsules offering the free trial. The difference comes from added ingredients as well as how the product aims to help weight loss (most of the acai capsules products are weight loss focused) some may include other ingredients like green tea, or colon cleanse products.

With such a variety of products it can be hard to find the right one. You can visit our site to see our top 3 acai berry capsule products. You can also order your acai berry free sample there.

Jone is a beginner internet marketer. Who decided to promote a weight loss product, as he had a lot of personal experience with both the weight loss and weight loss products.

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