Saturday, April 4, 2009

Making the right choice

In a tight economy like today, small business employers are looking for any advantages they might find technological or otherwise to be successful. I’ve found that a very important business tool to stay current with clientele and business community is the proper Mobile Plan. A basic mobile plan for each employee is costly, wasteful and does not fulfill the basic needs of most companies.
I search Cellit Mobile Marketing website for days meticulously going through each appropriate to find the right mobile for us. It is important for a small business employee like us to have a usual access to “talk”, “emails”, “text massaging”, “web”, “videos” as well as access our central computer programs and information at the drop of a hat. Also they offer a new mobile campaign for the restaurants, bars, and nightclub a CouponZap.
The first I looked at House4Cell. It’s a real estate text massaging system with the best of class and providing the greatest numbers of features and very competitive rates. It provides instant information, photos, and leads, differentiate you through technology, send blast alerts and track inquiries online. With House4Cell we could do everything we needed all on one secure, it seems to be simpler, less expensive and more productive. What more could we ask for? We can run instant information, MSM solutions, photos, and data applications all on one network.
Mobile Marketing prioritizes sensitive applications across the network and ensures the best performance with proactive service agreement. The benefits are plenty. Now our employees can access the central computer, its programs and any info anytime. This was what I was looking for, cutting management time and costs for equipment and maintenance. Even better through, it can ensure performance by prioritizing access based on how each employee works.
Like our small business choosing Cellit Mobile Marketing is a big advantage. Hopefully I can help another small business to get the right Mobile Marketing for them without the long nights of research. Good luck.

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