Saturday, April 11, 2009

Himalayan Goji Juice: Asian Herb?

Why Himalayan Goji Juice? There are a zillion and one varieties and kinds of Goji juice, not to mention blends and brands. Ughh! How are ever supposed to sort through all the information? Where Does Goji Grow? Goji is native to Asia, China, Australia, India and Mongolia. It grows best in China and Asia, because of the hot, humid atmosphere. The best Goji berries grow in the Himalaya Mountain regions, as well as Tibet. However, because of the larger crops grown in the Himalaya region, that is the most widely available of the two areas. Goji grown in this area is accredited to be more nutritious and better tasting. Although this seems puzzling, it seems that the fresh, cool mountain air and pure, nutrient-rich soil compliments the berries. What does it Look Like? Goji berries are small, shiny red berries that grow from soft-violet cone shaped flowers. The berries grow in drooping cluster of about eight to ten berries each. Because the Goji berries are highly precious and glimmer in the sunlight, the Asians nicknamed it the "red diamond fruit". Because Himalayan Goji berries are very fragile, they must be picked by hand or they are bruised and turn brown quickly. The berries must be processed into concentrate quickly or the nutrients begin to deteriorate within a day or two. Once the berries are stabilized into concentrate, it is blended with a small portion of apple, grape and pear juice, as well as distilled water. In the end, Himalayan Goji Juice contains 92.5% Goji Juice and 7.5% of the other ingredients for flavor. One hundred percent of the ingredients are all natural, as well as preservative and chemical free. Himalayan Goji was used by the ancient Asian healers to promote good health and longevity in their tribes. Some tribe people lived more than century long lives, which they credited to the Himalayan Goji.

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