Monday, April 6, 2009

Love versus Respect

Love is an emotion like hate, happiness, joy and anger however, it varies with time depends on the quality of relations and ups and downs in one’s life. Love is one the most strongest and positive emotion which has ability to bind two different people irrespective of any discrimination. It is an intense feeling of causeless devotion, affection and caring attitude for someone but feelings never remain same all the time. I believe that feeling are emotions which may alter as you step forward in your life. It is quite possible when love level declines in your relation hate will occupy that position. Hate is the only emotion which occupies the gaps of love.

Feelings are emotions and we don’t control it so love is an uncontrollable desire. If we add respect for others with love then decline in feelings of love don’t effect your relation. I realized that all relations are bounded with respect and becomes delightful with love. The foundation of any relation is on the basis of respect only. If you keep a level of respect in your relations with love, you might be the most successful couple. Giving respect is up to you however love is not in our control. Respect retains your relationship if love ends. Respect means to give high regard to others which you want for yourself. In fact high regards for other makes you the person of high regard with time.

Whenever I see any breakage in love, I realize that emotions are so powerful but not retain its long-term position forever. People on death of any close relation show intense and powerful emotions but tears take those emotions out of them. People rely on feelings for long-term relations rather than respect without realizing that emotions flow out in tears and respect flows with our attitude.

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