Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Fast you get paid

I ever wonder why there is easy cash advance business on every corner. I guess in our fast paced society, everything is speeding up. And guess what, we also want to get paid faster too. We want tomorrow’s cash advance yesterday. There are several business savvy ways you could speed up how you get paid.

Prepaid is a one way to get paid faster. The absolute best way to cash flowing into you bank account is to get people to pay products or services before they are actually delivered. Discount for cash payment is another get paid faster. Many people who work in private practices may still bill people for services. Late fees also another get paid faster. If you bill your customer start charging late fees. The easiest way to determine what you late fee should be is to decide on an annual interest rate you will charge and then divide by twelve. Deposit checks from your personal computer. This is probably the coolest strategy of all. This strategy will significantly speed up your cash flow. Life keeps speeding up. So at the end of the day, increase your bank account balance by increasing how fast you get paid.

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