Monday, April 6, 2009

Anabolic Supplements for Body Building

Anabolic supplements are androgenic steroids which increase protein synthesis in cells, resulting in anabolism of muscular tissues. These are made by manipulating the amount and versions of testosterone. These supplements are beneficial for both sportspersons and laypersons as it accelerates the process of body building and enhances physical performances.

Today’s society is conscious about being physically fit, so the use of anabolic supplements has become common. Anabolic supplements are most commonly used to increase the strength and size of the isometric muscles. However, it is important to have a good understanding of the various kinds of supplements and how they function.

Hoes Do Anabolic Supplements Impact Our Bodies?

Anabolic supplements cause the oxidation of fats in our bodies, resulting in quicker burning of body fat. Oxidation of fats increases the level of oxygen in the blood. This factor is precisely cited as one of the potential benefits of using steroids. Anabolic supplements also facilitate speedy recovery after a work out session. The anabolic supplements are androgenic in nature. So, it triggers masculine traits like growth of facial hair, deepening of voice, increased aggression and oily skin in its users.

What are the Most Popular Anabolic Supplements?

Some of the commonly used anabolic supplements are as follows:

* Zinc monomethionine aspartate and Magnesium Aspartate (ZMA) is a favorite choice among athletes as it enhances muscle strength. Keep in mind that athletes put in considerable physical effort and exertion. This leads to loss of minerals and vitamins that need to be supplemented.

* Tribulus Terrestris is a natural anabolic supplement which enhances the body’s muscle building ability. It increases the testosterone levels which results in increased fertility and bone marrow quality.

* To stimulate testosterone production in the body, use Viraloid. It comprises extracts from sterol plants and wild yams. It is also known to stimulate the testosterone production in the body.

Why Are Anabolic Supplements Considered To Be Controversial?

There are controversies pertaining to anabolic supplements. These have mostly been in relation with synthetic supplements as natural steroids are not considered harmful. In fact, anabolic supplements trigger positive effects when it is taken as prescribed. However, excessive supplement intakes can result in increased weight, weaker immunity, and damage to the heart, kidney or liver. Psychiatric disorders like depression, hallucinations and excessive aggression have also been observed as a result of supplement abuse.

The use of anabolic supplements has graduated from solely medical purposes to body building purposes. However, the usage for any purpose needs to be monitored with care. To get more information about anabolic supplements visit us at

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