Friday, November 21, 2008

Auto Loan Financing

I’m working as a sales engineer, for me this kind of work is not easy because everyday you go out to visit and attend customer meetings etc… Before, I used a car issued by the company but the management very strict to their policy, you can used the car for official business only, not for personal use, my boss ask me that I’m entitle to avail the company auto loan, the payment is fifty-fifty, half for the company and the rest I pay the company salary deduction for three years, yes, I avail that company auto loan and my boss has a go signal to me to find some institution offering auto loan financing, the first move that I can do is to check some website offering auto loan financing I guess at is good for me to present and recommend to my boss, because their proposal is fully in detailed, for me no need to panic to any risk because it is controlled by their financial expert. In just one click I assure that this is a good proposal to may boss. I know right her at my dream car come true, so good luck for me.

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