Friday, November 21, 2008

Auto Insurance

Big advantage to the entire motorist driving in a road is to ensure that they car have an auto insurance, because we didn’t known what happen.

I driven my own car for three years, since this is the first time that I have my own car I didn’t know that their insurance is good for one year only, I think that time I’m over exaggerated to driven my new car, that’s why I missed to read the policy, when I buy my car the registration of the plate is good of three years and my driver license is renewable for three years, so I’m assuming that my auto insurance is also good for three years, before I renew my car registration accidentally I read the insurance policy, according to the policy the auto insurance is covered only for one year, my auto insurance is expired for two years, ohhh my god I ‘ m suck! Because in my mind what if in the period of two years of my driving and I’m encountered an accident I can’t claim my auto insurance. Thanks god after three years of my driving I cannot encounter any accident. But now, I see to it that my car insurance renews before the due date in the policy.

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