Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Truths about Personal Branding

In the world of commerce, competition is fierce. You need to be ambitious and hard working in order that you would be able to get yourself on top of the ladder.

You also need to have a strategy that helps you attract followers and clients. This is especially true when you are in business. In order for you to keep growing and going, you need to be experienced and talented, as well as have techniques up your sleeve that you can take out every time you need one.

It is a never-ending quest for challenges and survival. However, if you are able to pull through and generate leads to your business, you will be assured that you can have the best and the most of your market.

The key to getting your business known and be recognized is for you to have your own personal brand. This means having your own identity that your clients and prospects will associate with you even if your marketing campaign such as your print notepads for example has reached its end. In addition, when creating your personal brand, you can abide by these universal truths of branding:

1- You do not sell; you brand.

Consumers in particular are sick and tired of hard sells and sales speeches that they often turn a blind eye and a deaf ear when they see and hear anything to do with marketing. In fact, they have become wary of sales agents. Nevertheless, consumers do buy, even custom note pads, no matter that we are in recession.

The key then for your business to thrive is to help your buyers investigate, educate and purchase your product or service for themselves. It is as if you are guiding them to make the right decision on their own. The magic word here is ‘guide'. You do not bulldoze your way to your target clients. Instead, you help them find you because they will surely show up at your doorstep if they think that they discovered the solution to their problems.

2- Become visible.

It does not matter that you believe that your ability is what gets you your clients; reality states otherwise. It is a fact. Even if you are the best graphic designer in your field or even if you are the expert print notepads designer of the century, unless your target clients see you, they will probably give their requirements to your competition however incompetent he or she may be.

What the movie Field of Dreams has said, about building it and they will come? Well, it is a truth in itself. If you build your business that, you become so visible to your clients and prospects then you will surely have people coming to your door, calling your phone and visiting your website. You are just everywhere.

These are just some of the truths you will find when you create your own personal brand. Applying these truths to your own marketing campaign such as your print notepads can help you become a celebrity in your own field.

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