Monday, June 29, 2009

Patience is one of the most important qaulities to develop

Day by day as you go on and on, as you gain momentum, as your inspiration deepens, as your plans crystallize, as you gain understanding, you will come to realize that this world is no dead pile of stones and timber, but that it is a living thing! It is made up of the beating hearts of humanity. It is a thing of life and beauty. Let us explore one virtue that if used will see achieve many things in this world.
Patience is one of the most important qualities to develop if you care about personal growth. It’s also one of the most difficult.
Wouldn’t it be nice if after you identified a change you’d like to make, you could just snap your fingers, and the change would occur instantly? Unfortunately, it’s rarely so easy as that, because it requires patience from your part for you to get anything that you really desire.
For example if a person close to you have hurt you or you have hurt someone close to your heart then it means that you are hurt deeply and there are some aspects of your personality that needs healing. It is just as important to forgive yourself as it is to forgive the other person. When you forgive yourself then it becomes easier to forgive the other person. It requires patience from you to forgive the person who has hurt.
If you don’t do that then you will regrets most of the time, which makes you have double negativity. Let the time heal you. If you put up a wall of negativity around you then you will prevent the precious moments you have been given from doing just that. Face your life positively and with determination to move on. Remember if you learn your lesson with wisdom and knowledge-you will have a wonderful.
It is good to have pleasant and happy memories but don’t be bothered about a negative situation which happened in the past. You can’t change what happened by thinking about it. Actually stop wasting your time and pleasant energy dwelling on the past.
Remember that every situation that you encounter is intended for your movement forward, for you to learn a valuable lesson about yourself. As you loose those negative aspects of you so that you can gain more power. You are then able to see yourself and those around you with understanding, kindness, and forgiveness and with the wisdom of your soul or higher self. When you respond to life’s difficulties with love and compassion instead of doubt and fear you create you own happiness.

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