Tuesday, June 16, 2009

How Can a Fish Oil Vitamin Help You

If the truth be told, then technically the fish oil vitamin is not really a vitamin but gives so many incredible health benefits that many people mistakenly think so and so it gets included as one. However the range of benefits you get are simply amazing with this natural oil.

It is a shame that we are advised not to eat more than one portion of oily fish like salmon, tuna and hoki a week as it is estimated that over 80% of us are deficient in the essential omega 3 fats.

As we cannot manufacture them ourselves, it must come from our diet and oily fish is by far the best source. Taking a daily fish oil vitamin supplement is the perfect solution and recommended by the government and heart charities alike.

Some of the many benefits include prevention of heart attacks, blocking of inflammatory disease in the body like arthritis, lowering of high blood pressure or hypertension and improved memory through better brain health.

Recent research shows us how it may soon be a powerful weapon in the fight against breast cancer and help to maintain healthy tissue.

So how do you select the very best fish oil vitamin?

One of the main factors is to ensure it contains more of the most important omega 3 fatty acid DHA as opposed to EPA. The DHA level should be at least twice that of EPA and around 250mg per capsule.

Purity is also very important as many oils are rancid due to incorrect handling and poor storage. If you cut open a fish oil vitamin gel there should be only a faint ocean aroma. Any strong fish smells or fragrances probably mean a low quality oil that will give you those unwanted fishy burps.

In fact the omega 3 I personally take has been proven to be the purest in the world and guarantees no fishy burps – ever!

A pharmaceutical grade oil ensures it is safe and has undergone molecular distillation to remove the toxins like arsenic and lead.

Lastly, an expensive oil is not a better oil. As you may well know, price is no indicator of quality and I have seen some $50 a month oils with far less DHA and general omega 3 fats than ones at the $20 or below mark!

Now you know how they can help you and what to look for you can confidently select the best fish oil vitamin and start enjoying the many amazing health benefits they provide, with none of the risk.

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