Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Goji Juice

Where Does Goji Grow? Although Goji can be grown basically anywhere, it thrives in China, Asia, India and Mongolia. Recently the UK has implemented the Goji bush as an ornamental plant. The main growing areas are the Himalayan Mountains and Tibetan region. This bush prefers harsh, cold winters and hot, humid summers. Goji bushes also prefer well-drained, yet damp, sandy soil with plenty of sunlight. The small, red berries grow in drooping clusters of eight or ten from cone-shaped white and violet flowers. The ancient Asian tribal healers used Goji berries along with other natural supplements, plants and herbs. Those who ate this berry lived more than century long lives. Himalayan or Tibet? Tibetan juice is widely popular and as a result, consumers want to know how it compares to another wildly popular juice: Himalayan. Tibet goji is a good, solid juice that is nutritious, but it tends to have a slightly bitter taste. This is mostly blamed on the growing and manufacturing conditions. However, any juice can have a bitter taste if the leaves and bark are processed into it during manufacturing. So, if you can find a Tibetan goji juice that is 100% pure goji berry extract, you should be fine. Himalayan Goji Juice grows in the Himalaya Mountain regions, hence the name. Because of the increasing demand for this juice, the berry bushes are not only grown on the mountains today. The valleys and surrounding region are growing this bush in large volume to fill the high demand. When you are considering any juice, whether it is Himalayan or Tibet, you should make sure it is preservative and chemical free with no synthetic additives. Added juice are okay; many brands are blended to enhance the flavor. However, you want a much greater percentage of the goji juice than anything else--probably at least eighty to ninety percent.


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Goji Juice

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