Thursday, June 18, 2009

Guard your computer from Spyware

What are Spyware

Spyware are malicious software programes, that can create havoc if they get activated on your computer system as they can track your personal data and sensitive informations. They can make your computer systems go slow eating up your processing resource without your consent. This section contains the information for Spyware removal to prevent your PC to Spywares.

How Spyware Attack

Most of spywares get installed without any user knowledge. Some time they comes with shareware software or other uncodable software. Normally user download free software but they do not know that spyware could also get downloaded with it. Spyware programs are intended to show some kind of advertisement. and display advertisement popup continuously. Generally advertisement companies fund and boost this kind of spywares to get a milage or popularity by them. If by some how means you have downloaded the one and clicked it, it gets activated and installed instantly. Some free internet toolbars could be spywares, they may add some new menu option, buttons, new taskbar icones, new items in favorites, excessive hyper links can added in you internet browser and it can also change your default web home page or you search engine. As far as spyware affect is considered it can make your computer processing slow makeing your computer take longer time to processing the task or startup time. To protect your PC use antivirus support software which is integrated with Spywares Protection?

Steps to Prevent Spywares

Step 1: Use AntiSpyweare protection

Always use good antispyware and scan your computer system on daily basis. Now-a-days some antvirus come with integrated antispyware facility you can choose them as a precaution measure. If you are using Windows Vista there is a option to prevent spywares, you can use Windows Defender protection. It detect spywares and unwanted advertisement as well. If you are using Windows XP then also you can download Windows Defender from Microsoft website.

Step 2: Security settings of Internet Explorer

for better prevention of spyware keep your Internet explorer settings set on high level.

To adjust internet explorer security settings

> Open Internet Explorer

> click Tools

> click Internet Options

> Select the Security tab.

There are different kind of security zones with the help of which you can restrict those web site which cause your computer security loose.

Step 3: Do not click any link inside the pop-up:

During the Internet browsing many pop-up comes if they provide any link to click do not click them if you find your self suspicious of where you are going to land.

Step 4: Updating Softwares:

Keep your operating system updated with Windows Released Patches and Service Packs,

Step 5: Downloading

Always download whatever you want but only from trusted website. It might be possible that freeware software contain spywares. Do not install any suspicious toolbar or search engine.

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