Tuesday, June 16, 2009

How to avoid fish oil side effect

Many fish oil side effects can be easily avoided by taking only a high quality supplement, whose quality and purity is the best available. Here are the vital areas and what to look for.

Fish oil side effects can vary from unpleasant fishy burps and body odour to the more dangerous effects like contamination for the toxins the fish carry in their flesh like mercury and arsenic.

These can all be effectively eliminated by researching carefully and only using a high quality oil.

The main thing to check for is that it is pharmaceutical grade oil that has undergone molecular distillation to remove those impurities, leaving only pure concentrated omega 3 oil. This is an expensive process and many oils have not been through it.

There have been cases recently in the UK and US where these supplements were removed from sale because of the high level of contamination.

The next factor to eradicate fish oil side effects is purity. If it has been well handled and managed, the oil should be fresh and if you open a capsule there should only be a faint ocean aroma. A strong fish smell or fragrance means a low quality, potentially rancid oil that will make you suffer from those unpleasant burps.

Currently the best source in the world and guaranteed to not give you any repeating problems is the New Zealand Hoki fish, from the pristine Southern Ocean. This is naturally high in the most important omega 3 fatty acid DHA and exceptionally low in contaminants.

If you want the maximum health benefits and protection against many serious diseases while avoiding the fish oil side effects, follow these steps to locate the best omega 3 fish oil possible and start enjoying those benefits without any of the risk.

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