Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Does It Really Work

When it comes to reading an Acne No More review, you would choose to read about someone who in fact owns Mike's book and has put his methods into effect, right? Other Acne No More reviews have only taken their information from his front webpage and perhaps never even dealt with acne.

How come my Acne No More reviews is so different? I dealt with acne for a very long time and I treated myself successfully using Mike's system. So what is it all about?

Basically, Acne No More is about telling you what is really causing your acne. Mike doesn't launch into the immediately recognizable causes that we're always told like bacteria or excess oil or dead skin. He mentions none of the normal causes that are usually said to cause acne because he knows the truth.

The truth is, acne is not an external problem and anyone who mentions anything about bacteria, oil, or dead skin causing your acne doesn't know what they're talking about, frankly. I've heard stories about dermatologists who jokingly stick their fingers in their ears when a patient asks about internal causes for acne. This angers and frustrates me because not only are they belittling the people who have the problem, but they're doing so without ever doing a bit of research on their own!

But I don't want to focus on that in my Acne No More review, I want to talk more about Mike and his book. It really is an eye opener because it shows and explains to you so many things about the internal workings of your body that you never knew existed. Mike doesn't make any outlandish claims like your pimples will disappear overnight, but he does say you can stop any new breakouts completely in as little as 14 days and become totally clear in a matter of a few weeks.

I'm proof that this true. Mike focuses specifically on the link between diet and acne because these days, we all tend to eat terribly, even if we don't realize it. Mike's system is focused on getting you to eat healthy MOST of the time so it gives your body a chance to heal itself naturally.

I absolutely cannot praise Mike Walden enough in my Acne No More review. His system is geared to truly curing your acne for all time instead of seeking a interim solution that compels you to keep buying treatments all the time. Acne No More will get you cure and it will work for anyone.

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