Friday, August 15, 2008


What you need to know to get a grip on all that oil....... FATTY FOODS DO NOT CAUSE OF OIL, what makes an oily face: medication, monthly harmonal change, genetics, and lifestyle (overworking, night life, smoking, drinking). In fact, making stimulate oiliness, because it takes away your anti-oxidants to compensate take vitamin E. YOUR FACE NEEDS VITAMINS TOO, vitamins C build and repairs tissues, thus aids in healing. Citrus fruits especially guava (highest with Vitamin C) is a good alternative to over the counter vitamin C. Take adequate doses of vitamin A. STEER CLEAR OF PRODUCTS, that have petroleum, wax or oil. These should be used only for hand and feet say no to facial massage as well they stimulate oil production. GREASY TOOLS = GREASY SKIN, so store your sponge compact property. When closing your compact, place the sponge upside down (facing mirror) so it doesn't transfer facial oil on the powder. Also, wash the facial sponge nightly. If you don't have time. Keep clean extras or use facial tissues or a retractable brush instead. For this reason, it's a smart idea to bring your own sponges to salons. EXERCISE, a sweaty workout really perk up not just you face but improves your skin all over, thanks to the release of toxins....

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