Friday, August 8, 2008


Ever wanted a stress reliever that is simple enough yet holds so many benefits for your body? Then go for breathing exercises. Proper breathing clears your mind, improves your immune systems, regulates the blood pressure and even improves posture. Some breathing techniques are even know to help improve your respiratory system and send renewed energy to your body. Its the perfect therapy for relaxation, especially if you have been sitting the whole day and you feel very stagnant. And because its so easy breathing exercises can be done in between chores or during that 10 min break in the office try these easy step:

1. When doing any breathing exercise, it is always better to keep your eyes closed to avoid any distraction. Try moving to a quiet place and play some soothing music to further maximize the benefits of breathing.

2. Make sure to keep a proper posture while sitting or standing comfortably in hale deeply through your nose and visualize pure clean air entering your body. Hold your breath for a few seconds.

3. Next, imagine a straw in your mount exhale a short burst forcefully through the "staw's" small opening. Every time you puff out, imagine all the pollutants germs and other negative elements.

4. Do this repeatedly until you have completely cleansed your lungs with these short strong puffs. With each breath, you'll feel more soothed and relaxed...


Rythm said...

hi Goyz,
nice blog, you know though I am a born in 21st century but I have a strong believe in varoius kinds of ancient meditation techniques,
The breathing excercise which you discussed above is the perfect solution to be stress relive and to be in a meditative state.

I practice breathing excercise with a famous Cd, Urja, an active meditation technique, it have combination of 'kapalbhati' and 'ujjyayi' breathing, you must have heart about them, the best part of this cd is I enjoy it while doing coz of awesome music compiled in this cd, with guided meditation techniques.,,, it give us a chance to open our wings wide open and to fly like a free & eternal bird.

New Age Magazine

goyz said...

hi rythm,

thanks for your comment, every time i stress i doing this breathing exercise, try it its effective... take care always friend...