Sunday, August 17, 2008



USE A GENTLE, OIL-TARGETING SOAP - pick one that you can use thrice daily on your oil-prone skin. Soap works better than a cleanser because it cleans deep and strips off unnecessary grease. A cleaner may even leave residue on your skin, prompting both a greasy feel and look.

TONE USING VERY LIGHT STROKES - toners take away the dirt not totally washed off by soap they should be alcohol-free. Opt for one with hazel or other soothing ingredients and used after every wash.

THE BRIGHT SIDE - its not all bad news if you've got oily skin. Did you know that......

********oily skin is slow to develop discolorations, fine lines and wrinkles and has less of a tendency to freckle?

********oily skin usually tans beautifully, rather than just burning and turning need.

********the use of fruit acids for oily skin will refine and brighten the complexion, making it look soft less oily, and smoother, a naturally plump texture without excessive oiliness is achieved.

********you'll get your best beauty sleep before 12 midnight. After the cinderella deadline, it won't matter if you have eight hour's of sleep; your skin will still secrete excess oil.

DON'T USE MOISTURIZER - it only aggravates the oily face condition. If you have problem skin use treatment. *contain salicylic acid, benzonyl peroxide or an antibiotic, try for excess oil, no pimples.

NEVER SKIP THE SUNBLOCK - a gel water based sun shield protects oily skin.


Make up that covers up oiliness!!!!!! When it comes to foundation skip the cream formulation and stick to a water based, oil free liquid type.

A TRANSLUCENT POWER - applied after your foundation will help the base stay smudge-proof all day and reduce mid-day openness.

A PENCIL TYPE CONCEALER - does not clog pores. Plus, it's much easier to remove than sticks or creams.

EYE SHADOW AND BLUSH - will stay put on your oily skin longer than cream or pencil based ones.

OIL-ABSORBING PAPER SHEET - are reliable for quick blotting even if you've got make-up on. Always keep a pack in your handbag.

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