Friday, August 1, 2008


We cannot please everybody. Learn what you can from criticisms and then let go....

LISTEN - a person may criticize you to be helpful (constructive) or to be hurtful (destructive). You won't always know unless you listen carefully. Listen for both emotion and substance.

DETACH - do not take criticism personally. A criticisms is one person opinion; it does not define you.

WAIT - if a person's remark make you angry, don't respond right away. Strong emotions often make us say and do thing's we will regret later.

EVALUATE - is the criticisms valid? Does the person giving it have the authority and expertise to give such a remark?

ASK - sometimes we receive feedback that is too general "your cooking is terrible" for example. Ask the speaker to be more specific. Is the dish too blame? Salty? Lacking in presentation?

No matter how you choose to respond to a criticism, don't sound or look annoyed. After all, everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion!

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