Sunday, February 1, 2009

Right Credit Cards

Who ever said cash is king probably didn’t own credit cards. Cashless shopping could bring lots of perks, generous discounts and interest - free installments!

Reward yourself - most credit cards today offer rewards points to promote loyalty among users. Make sure you card has a rewards program and that you are getting the most rewards points for your spending.

Get the right fit - pick a credit card that suit your lifestyle if you travel often, get one that is designed for travelers. You get more miles for less spending your can redeem in as many as 70 airlines, plus you enjoy free travel accident and inconvenience protection.

Did you say 0% interest? If you are intending to buy a new LCD TV watch out for news of your credit card issuer offering 0% installment packages. You get to keep your credit cards, spend it on something else or let it earn interest in the bank, as well as rewards points.

Discount mania - to make you pay plastic, instead of cash, credit card issuer’s talk to boutiques, restaurants, hotels, even spas and gyms to offer you discount and other freebies…..

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Anonymous said...

You can now apply for Eco credit cards that actually help you off-set your carbon footprint. I recently took on out a Co-op Credit Card after looking at several price comparison websites. I think it is a great way of helping reduce the impact that our lives have on the planet.