Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Right auto insurance

Everyday you can watch on TV, listening to radio and reading to news paper of different kinds of accident in a land, air and sea. No one can know what will happen to us in next, be careful, aware and alert to our surrounding when we are in a road, driving on a car, travel etc.

If you have a car much better to check first your car I mean the battery, water, tires, test the break, gas etc. before you drive, maintain maintenance check up like change oil, wheel alignment, etc. of your car to avoid unconditioned of your car. Drive safely, follow the driving rules like; if you drank don’t drive, if you drive don’t drank and follow the signs on the road.

And most important to all the car owner see to it that your car have an auto insurance. Auto Insurance is mandatory requirement of the land transportation office before you registered your car. Be wise to choose an insurance company; inquire to other insurance company get the quotations and read carefully the policy they offer. Do this to other insurance company and then compare all the policy and quotation, considering you must know the background of the insurance company you choose.

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