Tuesday, February 24, 2009


With this global crisis going on I wonder how this world would manage to survive without eventually having to kill each other. I am not overreacting; it is possible that we would end up killing each other. Poverty leads to civil war.

Hopefully this would not happen. I am still optimistic that global economy will bounce back after this entire crisis. But what comes before the bouncing back is this thing making ends meet.

A lot of people are currently pursuing of putting up a business after becoming the casualty (read: jobless) of this recession thing. I am not sure if it is wise. Surely, it is one of the best options out there after loosing a job. But you will need a lot of courage to take the risk in this very shaky economy.

It is a win-win situation I guess for some are using their separation pays for their capital. Some are applying for different kind of loans such as no credit check cash advance. And some are actually selling their properties.

The secret I guess for those who wants to succeed on business in this trying time is to research and study what really is the booming business nowadays. Don’t go blindsided on all the business aspects. If I may put it in two words, BE INTELLIGENT.

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