Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Cyber Identity

I’d been blogging for almost three years and my blogging career would’ve been uneventful if I haven’t experienced identity theft. I know it sounded so weird but its true though, that in cyber world you can easily lost your identity. Everybody could use your identity and unfortunately can get away with it. Sad, but it is happening.

Good thing there is lifelock. Somehow the problem has been addressed. I don’t know how exactly lifelock works but from the looks of it, it seems that it will help you protect your identity online and even reduce your spam mails that you yourself has been amazed where the hell it has been coming from. The junk keeps piling up like mad and if you could atleast eliminate fifty percent of those it may cost you a couple of Advil.

If you too is interested on what lifelock can do to your cyber life just go and visit lifelock.com. They said there is a lifelock reviews ready for all your inquiries. Hopefully you could have your own dose of peace of mind on your cyber life when you decided to subscribe. I too am considering subscribing one of these days. Who knows what else this cyber theft could do. It is better prepared than sorry.

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