Sunday, May 31, 2009

Value of snails in medicinal


1.Whooping cough can be treated by snail meat.

2.Hypertension can also be cured by fluid produced by snails.

3.The snail meat is also recommended for treatment of ulcer and asthma.

4.The consumption of snails reduce the deficiency of iron in the body.

5.Snail is also said to be rich in mineral salt e.g calcium, phosphorus , iron, and copper which are very helpful for the body of its consumers.

6.It has been noted that snail meat contains low level of sodium, cholesterol and high level of potassium hence it is used in the treatment of Arteriosclerosis, Anemia, High Blood Pressure and other fat related ailments.

7.It helps to reduce hemorrhoids and constipation.

8.It is used in treatment of poor eye-sights.

9.Eating of snail meat regularly can also prevent heat problems.

10.It also used in treatment of kidney related diseases.

11.It is used as suppressant in stroke treatment.

12.Musicians also consume snail meat as a means of good voice maintenance.

13.It restores virility and vitality.

14.In traditional medicine, snail meat is used in the preparation of concortions for various cases like reduction of labour pain and blood loss in a pregnant woman during delivery.

15.Various preparations are also made of snail and snail part to cured small pox.

16.Aslo in traditional medicine ,it is used in preparation of love medicine to restore peace between husband and wife and among wives in polygamous houses.

17.Snail meat has been strongly recommended as a curative meal for patients with Diabetes.

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