Monday, May 18, 2009

Flea Life Cycle

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If you are suffering from a flea infestation, understanding the flea life cycle can help you form a strategy that can for good get rid of fleas from your home. However, before you begin to eliminate the fleas that have taken residence, you need to understand that it takes a little over two years to substantiate that no more fleas will get back to your household.

The first stage of the flea life cycle is the least harmful to humans, but the most problematic. This is the egg stage. Female fleas will deposit her eggs on people, pets and surfaces, laying up to fifty eggs or more in a single day. This can lead to the production of hundreds of eggs per week, all of which could become a female flea ready to lay more eggs. It is critical that a flea infestation is nipped at the bud, and female fleas are prevented from laying eggs.

The second and 3rd phase of the flea life cycle is the larvae and pupae stages. This is the development of the flea inside the egg. The larvae cycle can last from two days or more, with no chances of the egg hatching during this stage. It is the pupae stage that can cause problems. Ranging from two days to two years, the pupa lays in wait for a good chance to hatch. It is very difficult to kill fleas that are in these stages, as they are protected from chemicals by the shells of their eggs. However, especially potent chemicals have the power to break down the structure of the egg and kill the growing flea within.

The final stage of the flea life cycle is the fully grown flea. These are the creatures that cause problems for human beings and pets, bite, and usually trigger at least two weeks of misery as people and pets recover from the damage of a flea bite. Many of the treatments available target the grownup flea, as preventing the adults from breeding is fundamental in destroying an infestation.

Knowing how long the flea life cycle lasts can help you make certain that you maintain the regime until the last of the eggs has died away. Having your home maintain a very low humidity and coolness will help foreclose the egg from ever hatching, which is fundamental to preventing a new infestation from occurring. Treatments of Borax soap, Front Line, Advantage and other flea killing substances will prevent any eggs that do hatch from starting another infestation.

With a little care and effort, you can keep your home flea free, allowing you to live in comfort.

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