Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Best acne treatment

A young adult has survived his or her teenage years relatively unharmed by the dreaded acne and then all of a sudden when they are in their twenties, acne develops. They are usually very embarrassed and most anxious to get the problem cleared up...literally.

Actually, it really isn’t all that uncommon for people in their twenties to unexpectedly be plagued by acne. About 95% of all Americans among the ages of 12 and 25 will, at some point develop at least a mild case of acne. The thing about treating adult acne is that products designed for treating adolescent acne should not be used.
Adolescent acne creams have drying agents and usually this is not recommended for adults. You might feel this yourself, your skins start become less elastic and loses its good texture, using those creams will worsen this

When acne occurs in people over twenty, they really should seek an expert as soon as possible. There are medications, both oral and topical, that can clear the acne up and help to stop the scarring that untreated acne can cause.
Adult acne frequently requires medications that are stronger than those which are used to treat teen acne, as their skin is harder..

Many times adult acne is caused by hormonal changes that need to be treated by a general practitioner. Adult acne among women is sometime caused as a result of changes in menstrual pattern and the starting or stopping of birth control pills. If either of these circumstances is present, a woman should consult her physician or an expert.

As with teen acne; keeping the face neat by scrubbing with a mild soap or a facial cleansing product using only the fingertips and not a wash cloth twofold a day, keeping hair away from the face when taking a nap and repeatedly changing pillowcases can aid.

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