Monday, May 18, 2009

Acne whiteheads

Blackheads are associated with growing teen years. They are known to affect 85% of the adolescents. Various studies which have been conducted to assess teenage behaviour have demonstrated that out of two-third teenagers who had this blackheads problems, only 1/3 went ahead with treatments. Others played a waiting game and allowed the blackheads to wither away on their own.

In blackheads a chemical reaction takes place, which involve oxidation of Melanin. They hit you at the time when a teenager starts getting conscious of their looks. Therefore teen years are replete with many instances where in teenagers have tried to pluck it off. The damage thus caused is sometimes irreparable leaving permanent scars on the skin. These scars leave a teenager with complexes throughout their lives and it becomes difficult for them to cope up in later years.

What are blackheads?

Blackheads in medical terminology are known as open comedos. They in fact appear to be some kind of plug on sebaceous glands. This condition is caused by oil secreted by sebaceous glands. The only way to deal with blackheads is to have patience and consistency of treatment. If consistency of treatment is maintained then blackheads starts subsiding.


The effect of treatments is visible only after some time as with blackheads any treatment has to begun slowly and results starts showing up only steadily. In some cases the effect of treatment is visible only after weeks and sometime even after months. The mild and moderate blackheads can be treated with following a regimen. However with large and very large blackheads going to physician becomes mandatory. Dermatologists normally advise for Topical or Oral antibiotics. However the function of these antibiotics or for those matter topical treatments is to take care of infection only. They normally don't contribute in elimination of blackheads altogether. To take care of extreme cases sometimes a special device named come dome extractors are used. In such a device, the skin around the blackheads is pressed so that the plug gets ruptured and all dead cells are extruded out.

Blackheads will continue to cause heart burns amongst teenagers but by being aware of the problems which these are likely to cause. One can be careful and is in a position to handle the problems associated with blackheads in a more responsible and positive way.

Blackheads are the most common skin disease which dermatologists grapple with. But it is also the most simple, easily curable and predominantly harmless disease. Tackling blackheads has more to do with patience than having an overnight solution. The key factor which is important here is regimen and hygiene.

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